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  1. Hello, I'm wondering if there are any tips to overcoming 'senioritis'/awful lack of motivation in IB2? We had practice Mocks in IB1 and my predicted scores were 39, however during the summer I was not able to start any IAs or my EE... To make matters worse, I have not done any homework or started an IA nor my EE since IB2 started a couple weeks ago. I feel unproductive when I try to force myself to work on anything, and end up needing to sleep. I have tried making a strict study schedule to follow but I can't stick to it since I always get stuck with my work. Please help me with any possible bit of advice, my original goal was to raise my IB points as well.. Thank you!
  2. Nelli

    Poets for English EE

    Hello, My original EE idea was to analyse Beloved by Toni Morrison in terms of intersectionality in the novel, but my teacher suggested picking another work since Beloved is a common book choice for EE. To fit the intersectionality theme I am interested in, I thought of analysing Audre Lorde's poems, but I feel like it will be too difficult for me to focus on Audre Lorde's works only. I am not sure would it help to pick another poet (of the same genre, say for ex. bell hooks?) to compare/contrast with Audre Lorde? I am having trouble finding a poet of similar genre that is not overused for EE but also not too similar to Audre Lorde so that different perspectives are lost. Also, if you have written an EE in English how did you come across your primary sources? Any suggestions and ideas will help me a lot!
  3. Hi, I wanted to investigate the relationship between annual average temperature of countries and their wealth. To determine a country's wealth, I though of using its Gross Median income and GDP (or maybe Purchasing Power Parity?), but I'm afraid I'm shifting to too much Economics rather than Math with my topic? Also, I'm not sure if the measurements are accurate to determine a country's wealth? (Could I investigate maybe 25 countries with the lowest annual av temperatures and then 25 with the highest?)
  4. Nelli

    TOK topic SOS

    So, would a knowledge claim such as "Emotion can have a significant impact on our understanding of historical events" be too vague? I'm not entirely sure if it would allow be to make a counterclaim and provide evidence etc.
  5. Nelli

    History IA

    Hi, I was instructed to pick a topic that is in the IB History syllabus. You can find them in the History Guide and see the bullet points under topics and if you search 'Renaissance' for example there are topics like Origins, causes and development of the Renaissance in Italy; social and political situation in Florence Spread and impact of the Renaissance to one European country Here's a link to the Guide http://www.holyheart.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/IB-History-Guide-2017.pdf
  6. Nelli

    TOK topic SOS

    Hello, My TOK teacher won't answer my desperate emails about whether my KQ or topic is any good. The presentation is in 10 days and I'm alone struggling so bad in understanding the presentation. My KQ "To what extent does emotion derived from photographs affect the way historical knowledge is perceived?", from the RLS photographs of Vietnam War which caused the American public to see the sadness of the war and protest against it. I am having a difficult time choosing AOKs and WOKs, but I thought finding a straight-forward wording for the topic would give me some guidance. So, I thought of "Effect of Emotion Evoking Photographs" for the topic, but is that clear? I could then figure out the knowledge claims in a format as such "How can we use historical knowledge and (WOK) to explore the effect of emotional photography?". Any help is greatly appreciated I have never been so lost and scared about an assignment!

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