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  1. Hey, I need to select my subject this week, and I cant decide whether to do psych SL or econ SL. I was just wondering whether someeone could let me know which is more difficult, and by how much. I think I might be slightly more interested in psych, but since neither one is important for my university of choice, if psych is much more difficult, Id rather go for econ. Thx in advance
  2. Kristof

    Economics or ESS?

    I askes her, and she said that indeed I could take it as a group 3. But Ill take your advice and go for economics. Thanks for the help!
  3. Kristof

    Economics or ESS?

    In my school we can do ESS as a group 3 subject, so i could still do bio and chem.
  4. Kristof

    Economics or ESS?

    Help! I am yet to start the IB, and I cant decide whether to choose Economics or ESS at SL. I would like to study pharmaceuticals at university, so neither of them are to important. So do I go to ESS because it is easier, and max my score, or do economics, because it might be helpful when Im already in a job. Thank you

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