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  1. IBPlayboys

    Activities that you can do in CAS

    Sadly, CAS can't have for-profit activities (bummer I know) - BUT you can create a "charity" that's "100%" CAS-approved but on the side you use that for profit without the IB people knowing. This may be in the form of connections you develop with other charities and such. Adds INSTANT credibility to your business to be endorsed/related to a legit charity so it's a good move to pull off (if you're a real G)
  2. IBPlayboys

    Got redpilled while attending the IB?

    @Croright we're busy, the blog is just a fun hobby but it doesn't help us significantly in any way so it's on hold. Still there is a small introduction there with some linked, important content everyone should read. Re: we get your spiritual contentment but money is what will enable you to do whatever you may want, plus it's the 21th century equivalent of building empires so it's fun as hell and mandatory for your long-term satisfaction as a man. Note: Playing the "who has the bigger bank account' game is not what we suggest. Money is just the means for you as an individual to do everything you like. This is not limited to the usual "materialism" that is mostly a game for insecure sexless fat but rich men. It's neither hedonism with coke, yachts and models 24/7 which will bore the **** out of you in ~3 months. it's mainly FREEDOM for you to become a balanced individual in the fundamental aspects of life (and then some) so you work in them. Daily work is the fun part of life that almost nobody acknowledges.
  3. IBPlayboys

    Recommend a Singer/Band

    Kanye West
  4. IBPlayboys

    Preventing and Managing Stress

    We enjoy playing chess weekly, having sex at least 2x a week (must be a 7 < X), working on your business almost daily and hitting the gym almost daily too. These are WAY better than watching ****-flix or playing videogames which get nothing done. Vist our blog ibplayboys.wordpress.com to learn more.
  5. IBPlayboys

    IB stereotypes in your school?

    For men, either: > Low testosterone, does not even lift, virgin, watches porn, plays videogames, semi-existentialist, likely-a-socialist, broke, High IQ submissive student. or > High T ubermensch, fit, polygamous, plays chess, does not know wtf Netflix is, well-read pragmatist, capitalistic, business owner, High IQ Gangsta who'll steal your girl (even if she's a <8, just for fun) Your choice. Visit www.ibplayboys.wordpress.com to learn more.
  6. IBPlayboys

    What does your username mean?

    IB Playboys - The non-beta, High IQ always-happy capitalistic student. MEN, Visit our blog ibplayboys.wordpress.com and read our principles for Kicking Ass in High School and establishing a rock-solid foundation of knowledge for your future and avoiding most pitfalls most IB students fall into.
  7. IBPlayboys

    Is it ethical to eat meat?

    If A "man" does Not eat Meat because "it's unethical" You're not Talking to a man Anymore.

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