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  1. The Traitor

    Making metal for CAS

    @King112: thanks mate, Guardians of Asgard is an awesome song, it would have worked out great for anything . I do try to use the diaphragm when growling, otherwise you end up damaging your throat, but Slaves of the IB was the first song I made of the bunch. In the last song of the playlist, the Final Exams, I think I did it better. Thanks a lot for the input (and awesome profile pic by the way, should have made an Slipknot cover...).
  2. The Traitor

    Making metal for CAS

    So, I’m case there’s any metalheads here, I decided to share this with the community: It is a music album I made taking the instrumental part of famous metal songs and singing over them, though the main creativity part lies on the invented IB-themed lyrics. Mostly made it for fun, as I’m a terrible singer and my CAS profile was already pretty complete, but hell, it is metal and it is about the IB, there’s nothing better to focus on studying the finals! Share it with your classmates if you want to cause a good deal of laughing, some of the songs I made are really terrible (Studying till Starvation or Time to Change) while others are actually listenable (Slaves of the IB or The Final Exams) and they actually intend to tell a story most of us know, the path an IB student has to go through, the many difficulties he faces and the way he changes. I’ll be updating the descriptions with the lyrics, already put them in the first two, and would love to hear what you guys think, I really don’t care if you criticise them because I already know they’re bad, but still I’m interested to know what’s your opinion on them seeing most of the songs I’ve heard about the IB are rap, pop or other terrible genres of music... HAIL METAL \m/!

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