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  1. Miley

    Move to Global War

    For those of you that have taken Paper 2 History, Are we allowed to use Second World War in Pacific Ocean and WW2 in Europe as two different wars taken place in different regions? My teacher said I can't use both at the same time, but the IB History book suggests that I can. Does anyone know the answer?
  2. Hello, so I am taking the November exam. My school teaches the Topic 12: The Cold War: Superpower tensions and rivalries (20th century) for Paper 2. For anyone who has done this question, will the IB always make questions one about the start of Cold War and another one about the end of the Cold War? Because I believe that is the pattern for most of cases, so I am only planning to know the start of the Cold War. Please help asap!
  3. Hey there! I am planning to do a chem ia about the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide and going to give an answer to the best catalyst in this reaction. My point for the personal engagement is that I burned myself with hydrogen peroxide, so I want to know the fastest way to make the concentration of the hydrogen peroxide smaller. My teacher says that people can argue that adding water is another way, so she thinks i dont need to know this. Also, she says that oxygen is more dangerous so why decompose it? So......what should I do? do you think I need to think of something else? PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Miley

    Correlation: Math IA

    Thanks it helped so much!!!
  5. Miley

    Correlation: Math IA

    Thank you for your ideas it really helps!! This is about correlation. Do you think I can use the Pearson Coefficient Rule and figure out the correlation? Also, I am planning to use diffrentiation to get the rate of the change of likes and use that to see if there is any relationship between time and the rate of change of likes.
  6. So I have been thinking of using correlation in my math IA. I want to look at the relationship between the amount of likes on a picture on instragram and the time it has been posted using datas from celebrities. Do you think this would work? and do you think I can make other analytical exploration about it?
  7. Miley


    Okay!! Thank you so much!!!
  8. Miley


    I want to do something that relates to intergration and differentiation. What is there to do?? I am so worried now since i have to turn in my idea soon!
  9. Miley


    Thank you for your answer! Sadly, my school does not do physics so we can not do that and it is true that I need the function of time..... If it is possible, do you have any other ideas that have to do with football?
  10. Hi! I am doing my math IA right now and I have no idea if it is going to work. I am planning on doing projectile motion about soccer. I am going to draw graphs using different angles of the kick and the defense's height in front of the player and see which scenario allows the fastest speed of the ball by using differentiation. Can this work and is it too easy? PLEASE HELP ME!!
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