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  1. UnOriginal

    What does your username mean?

    Well, UnOriginal means that no matter what I do someone else has probably already done it first. therefore I am and will always remain unoriginal.
  2. UnOriginal

    Two extra HL's?

    Thank you for the reply, I'll definitely look into summer schools however signing up for chemistry is unfortunately not an option as they only excepted 16 students. I do hear that Visual Art SL isn't an easy subject, but I still feel comfortable taking it as my art teacher encouraged me to take it at HL. Though as you stated it most likely won't be very useful.
  3. UnOriginal

    Two extra HL's?

    Hello fellow IB students, I current attend MYP 5/pre-DP and will for the next three days. My HL's and SL's that I'm to attend next year are: HL's: English Lit, History, and Biology SL's Swe Lang lit, Math AA and Visual Art's I wanted to attend two science, those being Biology HL and Chemistry HL, however, I did not make it into the nine out of twenty-plus people that signed up for the chemistry HL group as I was unfortunately absent during the end of year test for chemistry, due to urgent family matters. I always planned on taking physics once I had finished my two years and received my diploma but planned to do so at an alternative learning center (so it would not be an IB grade). Recently I was told by a fellow classmate that it is possible to after your two years, to take a course in the IB and receive an IB grade for it, does anyone know if this is true or have any extra information on the mater? Best Regards, Unoriginal

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