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  1. Hey, I was planning on doing my extended essay on world studies. I was just wondering if you guys thought my research question would be a good one. Here it is: From there I would go into talking about how ecotourism has impacted other countries in Asia, and sort of relate them together.
  2. For my Mathematics IA, can my data is primarily off of the internet. Can I use .com websites for my data? Or can I only use .org and .gov
  3. Hello everyone! I am trying to make my World Studies topic about tourism. I was thinking about looking at Thailand (and possibly Laos if needed) and going into the aspects of sustainable tourism, and more specifically the benefits of ecotourism. I was either going to look into either the environmental/economic benefits or the social/cultural benefits of promoting ecotourism, however I just cannot come up with a research question. Here are some I have come up with... To what extent is ecotourism beneficial to developing countries (Laos and Thailand)? To what extent is ecotourism needed for tourism to be sustainable in Thailand? I also was thinking about doing a comparison of a place that already has eco/sustainable tourism, and showing how Thailand could incorporate the same strategy, and why it would be beneficial. For example: To what extent would Thailand adopting Tiger Leaping Gorge's tourism strategy be beneficial via sustainability? Really all I need help with is coming up with a research question revolving around this topic. Any help or insight would be taken to heart and much appreciated! 😀

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