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  1. Kotanatsu

    Funny Class Moments?

    During Chemistry SL, our teacher showed us a molecular 3D model of H2O and was absent the next class. One of our classmates put it on the floor and wrote "CAUTION: FLOOR IS WET" sign next to it.
  2. Kotanatsu

    Structuring the body of the EE

    Mao's 100 Flowers Campaign is a very interesting topic, however I would suggest you go more in depth about the subject since it's still broad. Are you going to go more in-depth with political effects? Social effects on a specific group of people? If it's too difficult for you to easily organize and pinpoint where to start, I think it's a good signal that your question is too broad. As for structuring an EE itself, a good idea for structuring EEs is thinking of it as buckets: Your thesis is your main answer, and so that is your biggest bucket. Inside that bucket are multiple smaller buckets, which are you general arguments and perspectives. Since you're writing a history EE, it's valuable to remember to make counterarguments, so make sure you make one or two buckets there with a counterargument. Within these buckets are even smaller buckets, which are supporting details that help you justify your general arguments. Within these supporting details should be your analysis and evidence from your sources. It can be overwhelming to write a 4,000 word essay, however just think of it as your usual 1,000 word essays piled into one big essay, each relating to one another in some shape or form. You'll be surprised once you go from "oh gosh, how do I fill these pages" to "I need to cut so many words I wrote so much".
  3. Kotanatsu

    Absent Pre-IB Biology Teacher

    I had the same situation happen to me My SL Chemistry teacher left on maternity leave for the entire DP Year 1, so we basically were left to fend for ourselves. By the time DP Year 2 came, we were a whole year's worth of material behind. It's rough, but it's at times like that where you have to rely on yourself and others for help. There are tons of sites and even practice problems from real IB tests w/ mark schemes that you can do with yourself and some friends. Flashcards help too, and making a list of things you don't understand is also a good thing to do. Maybe you could make a little group list for your class / friend group and work on those together as well? My best advice would be to try your best and to keep yourself motivated! It's super easy to fall behind, but don't let yourself get hit hard by pressure and anxiety.
  4. Kotanatsu

    What did you all do for Personal Project?

    I drew a 20+ paged comic about some story characters that I loved Initially I was supposed to make a video game, but it didn't work out and I switched to a comic. The moral of the story is that picking a PP can be stressful and feel like a bounded commitment, but there is flexibility as long as you look out for yourself.
  5. Kotanatsu

    Should I take SL Chemistry?

    There's a lot of factors that go into it, but the main factors are whether or not it: one, will benefit you in the future (like, if Biology SL would better suit your career choice, then you might have to go with Bio SL to get those credits and scholarships), and two, if you are prepared to take self-responsibility to take it. I took Chemistry SL but it was the first year my teacher had ever done an IB course before (the previous, experienced teacher was promoted from a teacher to an administrator, so we were the guinea pigs). Our IAs and tests were messes (until the point our whole class would together would flunk), but I feel like if I had done more to at least teach myself the material, I would have done better. In the end, SL courses and HL courses between each other are equally hard as they are equally easy, so it all really falls on your personal interest and self-drive.

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