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  1. Hi, so I've had some serious about Visual Arts for nearly a year and a half, and I'm a little annoyed by the requirements, since I can barely understand what they are: 1. The media I use never seem to agree with my teacher, for example when I decided to use plain canvas and acrylic to make a studio piece (I've been using all sorts of stuff other than the usual, so I decided to something normal for a change) , she refused to accept because I wasn't experimenting with unfamiliar media. Any clue as to why she'd say that? 2. How big does a studio piece need to be to qualify as one? 3. Why not just focus on one particular media? I mean if I want to become an Illustrator, shouldn't I be focusing on getting better at illustration, rather than experimenting with other media?
  2. So I'm doing my third CS now, and in spite of the previous two, I still do not understand what I'm supposed to do to satisfy each criterion. My teacher hasn't given me a very understandable explanation, and I have only a day and a half to finish it (I have NOT been procrastinating if that's what you're thinking). Could someone please give me an elaborate explanation of each criterion, and how I'm supposed to go about my Comparative Study?
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