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  1. Aditya123

    Fourier Series: Noise Cancelling Headphones

    I am also interested in using the Fourier series as the topic for my Math IA. I however, don't know how to use actual mathematics in it. I can describe my interest, and describe how it might be used. But how can I display my mathematical knowledge using this topic? Thanks.
  2. Aditya123

    Picking up IB grades

    I am studying in 11th grade right now, and my second semester (final semester) report will be shared in a week. And I am sure that I did not do as well as I might have been able to do. In the first semester I got a 32/42 for my overall grades, and in this semester I am looking at approximately 34/42 maybe a 35. both times, my internal grades hurt my final grades, and this time the corrections were rather skewed, biased and disproportionate. I should be getting a 35-3/42 but because of the grading, my grade is where it is. It is also my fault for not having done some of the assignments, and I think I may have taken this year lightly, because I did extremely well in 10th grade. I was wondering, how important your 11th grade grades are for universities in the US? And also, if I do work hard and get a 38-40/42 next year during the first semester, would that be able to cover for my bad grades now?

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