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  1. fruitbowl

    Chemistry Revision Sources

    Thank you, I will give smashing chem a try
  2. fruitbowl

    Chemistry Revision Sources

    Thank you, I will check it out!
  3. fruitbowl

    Chemistry Revision Sources

    Hey there, I have my mocks coming up next week and my real IBs in like 4 months. My Chemistry teacher (who was pretty awful) has just left and my new teacher speaks no English. I have the 2014 edition chemistry course companion for IB but I don't really like the explanations (very long and difficult to follow). All the other books in my school library are for the older syllabuses. I was wondering if anybody new any really good chemistry study guides/ text books for SL that are for the current syllabus? Is there a chemistry equivalent of Bioninja? Something online would be preferable because in Argentina it is hard to get hold of IB material quickly and cheaply (if you order books from overseas they literally take months to arrive and I don't have months 😖). Thanks in advance
  4. fruitbowl

    Geography Fieldwork (IA) Help Needed

    Hi there! I completed my Geo course work last year. I did mine on urban heat islands. What do you mean exactly by the data collection got messed up? This rice stuff sounds really interesting, and we all know the IB loves IA's that are specific to cultural/local issues. However, I think that it would be very difficult to measure anything related to the actual growing of the rice/soil quality etc , because as you have said you wouldn't be able to measure it over a decent enough length of time. Some ideas: Option A: Freshwater: Drainage Basins: Effect of rice agriculture on a river/lake. You could use an oxygen meter (most schools have one) to test the percentage of oxygen in the water. You could use google earth and some kind of grid to establish the eutrophication levels. Then you could also send questionnaires asking about what sorts of fertilizers and pesticides the rice farmers use. How has agricultural activity at Location Y affected River X? Option E: Leisure, Tourism and Sport: If the area around you is important for tourism you could find out why. You could do questionnaires for local business owners about the effects the tourists have had on the community. You could also do questionnaires for tourists about why they come to the area, how old they are, where they come from and if they have come before. You could investigate the importance of the sport/leisure industry on your local community. This is only for if their is a major sport or leisure activity that people do near you. If so you can go to the centers and ask the owners questions, people who take part in the sport etc. Option G: Urban Environments: (this is probably one the easiest options to be honest) Look at models of cites (e.g. Burgess model or the Hoyts model) and see how closely your town/city follows the model. This will involve walking up and down streets and counting the hieghts of buildings and recording their purpose ( residential, commercial etc), doing vehicle ans pedestrian counts. Urban heat Island: covering the city and recording the temperature on the corners of streets, then combining this info with the pedestrian and vehicle activity as well as any human or physical features which could alter the temperature of the city. Remember: google earth is your greatest friend! (Obviously check the imagery date to make sure it is recent first!) There are loads more ideas on this website: https://owltutors.co.uk/ib-geography-internal-assessment-ia/ Remember that the field work collection is time consuming and usually it is collected collaboratively by the whole class. This means going solo might be very stressful and intensive, so don't discount what you did with your class too readily! Go back and take another look at it. Try not to stress out too much, my school probably takes the biscuit for messed up IAs so I know how you feel! Good luck with everything!
  5. fruitbowl

    Is boarding school beneficial or detrimental?

    I have been in boarding for 5 years now! I found it so hard at first as I spoke no Spanish at the time and I was the only person in my entire year group in the boarding. I was lucky that all the older girls made me feel welcome. I went with my little sister, she was 10 and I was 12 when we joined. So it was a big responsibility for me as I had to look after her. 5 years later and in my final IB year I am still the only girl boarder in my year group but at least I can speak Spanish now! If anything this year has been the most tough because all my older friends have left and there is nobody to really relate with in the younger year groups. Also the house mother that I had for the first 4 years had to be fired because she got really angry with us all the time for no reason. In short I think boarding is a great experience if you can speak the same language, there are people of your own age to talk to and who are going through the same thing as you and if your house mother/father is kind and understanding. I was just very un-lucky, still I wouldn't take the experience back as I have learnt so much!
  6. fruitbowl

    IOC Advice

    Ok, I'll give it a go! I think my brain will be fried by the end of the IB 😅
  7. fruitbowl

    IOC Advice

    Thank you so much both of you for your advice! I am so sorry I didn't reply sooner, I was really stressed about my Biology IA, but I've done that now phewww! I really appreciate the responses. I am going to get going on revision this week and try and identify the key moments of the books and do some practice commentaries like suggested! Thanks a million, I feel a lot more confident now 😁
  8. fruitbowl

    IOC Advice

    Hi There! I have my English IOC in just under 4 weeks. I am really nervous and I feel so unprepared! In my first IB year I did the Handmaid's tale and some poetry by Wilfred Owen for the IOC. I feel I like I know these texts quite well, however I have't even looked at the Handmaid's tale since last year! Now my class has a new teacher who has no experience with the IB and we have started reading the Crucible verrrryyyy slowly as our final text but we have only just reached act 2. I am so nervous as my teacher really seems very calm about the whole thing but she can't answer a single question about any of the IB assessments without looking in her little guide book or asking another teacher. She is good at teaching the content but we are just doing it so slowly and the IOC is so soon! Does anyone have any good advice on how to prepare for the IOC in the weeks leading up to it? This weekend I am going to re-read the Handmaid's tale and see if I can read ahead a bit with the Crucible. Thanks in advance 🙂

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