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  1. keeley45733

    Is it always this bad?

    SOoooo I being open here is the IB always this hard. I'm a year 1 and I'm 2 months into school. So far I am doing terrible in all of my classes except Mandarin SL. Can anyone else relate to the first few months being rough annnnnnndddd how do I get out of this bad grade slump because I've NEVER gotten the kind of grades I'm getting right now, like ever, in my life. It gets better right? Because if yes, how did ya'll do it??
  2. keeley45733

    Should I drop HL maths

    i am mathematically inclined and am also taking HL physics which I don't find that hard so far But we've only just started YR.1 and I feel like the dumbest person in my class Should I drop it and move up Econ or push through because we've only just started I can do most of the hmwk fine up until we get to the exam like questions
  3. keeley45733

    HL Econ or HL Psych

    My HL's are Math and Physics, and my SL's are mandarin and lang& lit Math and physics will be difficult but I'm hoping to pull out 6's, however should which should I take at HL Psych or Econ. I know they're both considered easier but which one would be the easiest with my other HL classes Side not I do find psych more interesting but I am also quite bad at writing essays Please let me know which at HL I should take and which at SL Thanks!!
  4. keeley45733

    Do I Quailify??

    So I don't really understand some of what you just wrote, but I was born in California so I am an american citizen. Also, since they say immediately would that disqualify me if I'm not there during my senior year? Although I'm a citizen, have a drivers license and have lived there for more then a year before ?
  5. keeley45733

    Do I Quailify??

    Do I qualify for in-state in California ? I live in India right now and have lived in A LOT of places but I have my California drivers license and am pre-registered to vote, also I went to school in California during 3rd and 4th grade.
  6. keeley45733

    Bio, Chem or Physics

    hey thanks for replying and it did help but if im going to college in america there aren't requirements to get in, because you have to do the regular 4 years of college first then do the MCAT and get into med school from there so really I just wanna know whats the best base for that because you can really major in anything and still get into med school in the US (right?) would it be best to do HL math and physics with chem at SL ? I'm just worried about the difficulty bc my GPA is what'll get me into the best college for pre-med If you know any requirements for american college please let me know
  7. keeley45733

    Bio, Chem or Physics

    Going into jr year and class choices are due in a few weeks, please respond and thank you in advance to the ppl that do What sciences should I take and at what level if I wanna go into engineering or medical. Like what would be the best base for college? Also at what level should I take math? ^ 2 HL spots and 1 SL
  8. keeley45733

    Which Math???

    Which level math should I take if I want to be able to (on the side) take AP stats and calc ?
  9. Okay so I'm in 10th grade going into JR year after this summer and I'm doing the IB obvi these classes are set - HL - PSYC and SL - Mandarin and Lang & Lit Now I'm deciding between where to place math (ive always been good at math getting A's but last year I didn't pay much attention and barely got an A (also my school doesnt have A-'s so i wouldve gotten a B+)) Then after that I have to decide where to place chem and if i should take bio or physics (still in limbo are chem, bio or physics and math ) - HOW hard are these classes I took AP US history and got a 4 (would've gotten a 5 but messed up the formatting on the test leaving me little time to actually finish to best of my ability) so i guess that means i'm good at memorizing ALSO my science teacher said that I would be better suited for SL chem ALSO which math would be best if I also wish to take the AP Calc test and score a 4 or 5
  10. Hello, I'm kinda freaking out as I am a perfectionist who wishes to find the best way to organize my way through IB (I'm starting it in August). My HL's (Math, Physics, Psych) and my SL's (Lang & Lit, Mandarin, Econ). What supplies should I buy to best prepare for these such as binders and notebooks. (I'm already buying an accordion folder btw) Also advice for any of these topics is very much appreciated. (ex. homework load, amount of worksheets handed out, how hard the class is in general) + general tips on CAS and my EE would be amazing Thanks in advance !

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