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  1. I will probably settle for engineering within Sweden... Either that or a gap year. The IB has deterred me from going at this full speed for much longer.
  2. Global warming exists. We do not know if it is exaggerated or not. That would be the media exaggerating it, if so. Either way, our reaction has not been exaggerated. Outside the European Union there has been far too little action taken.
  3. You don't need no da*n optical drive! Why are all complaining about it? How often do you really use yours? You can buy one at http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebO...p;nplm=MB397G/A for 100 USD, free shipping. It's even a DVD burner! Do you know how much smaller your laptop could be without the optical drive? And it will give you bang for your buck. It is a luxury good, but it also brings with it a simpler GUI and a lots of more beginner-friendly learning curve.
  4. This was an YTMND originally, I think.
  5. I added "and so on" for it to sound more open to other similar international alternatives For universities requiring standardized tests, how do they interpret the test results? In comparison to the IB grades themselves, that is.
  6. What are ACTs? Same thing as SATs or do they cover something else?
  7. No, since she says that econ to her is "much more related to the real world"
  8. From what I currently know, I will go get a job and recharge for a year. 'll just have to hope that I'll still enjoy learning new things once the year is over. So, what about you? All of you seem very determined to just get it all overwith. Understand that.
  9. Oh... VIP. That's why I couldn't find it. I just read the title of this thread and then scoured through every inch of the website and then some. Did you manage to get the scores to save then after all? Not fully clear from the thread.
  10. I am may 2009, but I am really slow with my hours currently. I feel the anxiety crawling under my skin already
  11. By the name I'm guessing that they those weeks either have no lessons, and that they may study wherever they wish, or that they revise with the supervision of their teacher in their classroom. Individual, since they study individually... I love guesswork. Did i nail anything? :innocent:
  12. NOO! NOT THE BEAST! PLEASE! BTT: Is it the individual or the teacher who's supposed to chose the topic?
  13. Drawing in Microsoft Word is one of the hardest adventures I have pursued in later days. It's almost as if Microsoft tried to give the end-user a big of a hell as humanly possible... Tip: Hold shift while drawing lines to limit the angles of them to multiples of 45 degrees. (noticed last week)
  14. That is not an article I personally would recommend... Too much business economics for my taste. (i.e. VERY-short-run-ish) Have you shown it to your teacher yet? Have you talked about inflation and other macroeconomic concepts in class? Is it micro you are aiming for?

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