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  1. ok thanks though i guess i'm stuck in tis class
  2. I do English A language and literature HL and i am flunking bad.. i am really considering dropping it for English B HL. will it affect my chances of attending a good university? please help!!!! i'm dying right now. my current subjects are: English A HL L&L (2) French B HL (6) Economics HL (7) Bio SL (5) Psychology SL (6) Math SL(4)
  3. UPEI canada they will probably admit you...or you can re take your exams (the ones that you fail. I was told it was possible but at a fee)
  4. sorry i took long .. she applied to UPEI(Canada), OCU ( Texas, USA), FIT( Florida USA), the last one was sort of weird but according to her they have a good law program.
  5. thank you!!!! you were soo helpful( much much more than anyone that i've asked for help). it wasn't the answer i wanted to hear but i guess it's back to the books😂😩
  6. take study hall. my school is thinking of introducing study hall but it will be after I have done my exams. this is honestly heart braking because most of us at my school would honestly kill for it now
  7. I am currently doing math SL and I have a weak 3 (IB year 1 term 3) my teacher and the IB coordinator are both telling me to drop to studies. I would honestly love to go there but I want to do finance in UNI. whenever I ask my counselor about it she is somewhat vague and due to my introverted self I just nod and leave. my grades in economics Hl are quite average they do not really rise or fall. always at a strong 5. My question is can I do math studies and still get a good university where I can do finance or should I just continue to miserably fail math SL? I do: English lang&lit HL(5), French B HL(5), Economics HL(6) psychology SL(5), Biology SL(6), Math SL(3)
  8. I don't think it's a problem because I have a friend that graduated 2 years ago and she was horrible at math SL even with a private tutor. she ended up dropping to math studies and got a 6 at the end of the year. she was admitted to a good university to do law... and besides it is better to get high grades in studies than get very low grades in SL.. hope this was useful and good luck😁
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