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  1. Ethical Issues of Using Stem Cells Notes
  2. aimeedvr

    Cell Theory.pdf

    Cell Theory Notes
  3. Multicellular Organisms From One Cell to Many Notes
  4. aimeedvr

    Microscopes and Magnification.pdf

    Microscopes and Magnification Notes
  5. Use of Stem Cells to Treat Diseases Notes
  6. aimeedvr

    Unicellular Organisms.pdf

    Unicellular Organisms Notes
  7. The Evolution of Multicellular Organisms Notes
  8. aimeedvr

    Surface Area to Volume Ratio.pdf

    Surface Area to Volume Ratio Notes
  9. aimeedvr

    Stem Cells.pdf

    Stem Cells Notes
  10. I think it would be easiest to pursue economics by going to university in the US, as you choose your major in your sophomore year and are therefore not applying to a specific course. In Canada it would be more difficult, but probably possible depending on the school. In the UK, it would be practically impossible as you must apply to a specific course and economics and HL math would probably be required. I would say your best bet is to apply to the US.
  11. aimeedvr

    Great Gatsby IOP

    There are a lot of themes in the book you could find symbols for, like the constant use of cars, the green light, or the theme of time.
  12. aimeedvr

    Will I fail eÉnglish LangLit ?!

    The Paper 1 only counts for 25% of your final grade, so you could still get a 4-5.

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