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  1. Do you have any ideas for CAS in Sweden?
  2. Hi, I was wondering if only VIPs can download all the files? If not, then is it possible to add a filter that we can use to narrow down the files the non-VIPs can use? Thanks.
  3. Hope this isn't too late. Spanish ab initio seems like a better option considering you don't like French. Since you'll be starting out from scratch you will have a clean slate. Try it out and if you don't like Spanish, French seems like your only option. Good luck!
  4. Our school prefers Oxford as they communicate directly with the IB and so their textbooks contain exactly what we need to know. I've only been using Oxford for all subjects. Except math, my teacher prefers different textbooks for different topics. Oxford also has study guides which are helpful
  5. Hello, I want to go into biotech in the future, and I'm gonna start IB Year 1 next month. My subjects are Phy, Chem and Eng A HL and Lang B, Psychology and Maths SL. Are my subjects okay for most universities anywhere, although preferably the UK and Canada? I also want to know your opinion on the prospects of biotech. Is it worth it? Will I be able to find a stable job with a good income? Lastly, do you have any advice for me during and after IB? I would appreciate anything, even if it's negative. Thank you so much!
  6. You have to write a 4000 word research paper on a topic of your choosing. You can choose a topic from a subject you're not taking, but it is advised you choose one in a HL subject because you'll have a deeper understanding compared to writing something in Physics, for instance. It is also encouraged to not write it in a science or math subject because they're graded harshly. You'll need to do an experiment for the sciences. I'm not completely sure about that, I'm planning on writing mine in Eng A. Good luck!!
  7. We use Managebac for everything- EE, CAS (and the PP & SA for my MYP years). I love it. Everything is very organised and it isn't very hard to navigate. We used to use Google Classroom in MYP but Mbac is considered ~grownup~ so it's mainly for upper MYP and DP in my school.
  8. Hello! I have decided to do my EE in English A. I want to investigate the portrayal of women in Literature, and have come up with three questions: - "How are women portrayed in Shakespeare's works and how does this reflect the time period in which it was written?" - The portrayal of women in Literature vs the portrayal in Shakespeare's works. (I have to come up with a question.) - The portrayal of women in different books aka a comparison. (Yet to come up with a question.) Which do you think is the best? Are they too broad/narrow or not research based enough to be approved? Any specific advice? I would appreciate any comment. Thank you very much!!~
  9. Thank you so much for you response. I don't want to do Math HL because it isn't really my strength and I don't enjoy it as much. I prefer the sciences (which may seem ironic considering I took Physics, but it has theory combined with math). I hoped that since it's biology and 'life' related I wouldn't need math as much.
  10. Hi!~ I'm going to start the first year of IB this year. My subjects are: Eng A LangLit HL French B SL Psychology HL Physics HL Chemistry SL Math SL I'm thinking of biomedical engineering and I have the option to study biology later after the IB if I need it (I can't switch to bio now). Do I need Math HL (I really really don't want to do it) or will SL be enough for me? Thank you so much!
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