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  1. Glenforest SS Entrance Exam Grade 8 --> Grade 9 I have heard and read a lot of different things like that there are a french, math and English exam. Some say you only need to write a page about why your right for this program and a 1-hour long math test that's based on the grade 7 and 8 math curriculum that just like Gauss and you half an hour to complete it. I'm applying for IB in glen forest SS, however, idk what to study I want this summer to my advantage to study I have already planned math and language, however, nothing on French. we got our report cards today and my average was an 82.75% with 5 E's and 1 G. so know the question I have are what do I need to study? am I going to make it with my grades? how stressful is it? I apologize for all these questions however I hope you can relate to my situation right now I'm stressed nervous and there are so many things going through my head. I thank everyone very much and hope you have a great rest of your day!
  2. This doesn't matter since you in your MYP years but if it was in grade 11 or 12 than you wouldn't get your IB diploma and you would be recognized as an IB student. There really isn't much to worry about at this point if your thinking its gonna effect you future. What this might currently do is give you a bad reputation in your IBDP years since your expected to work harder than others, also some university's/ colleges don't even care what school you come from weather it's the worst school like Tl Kennedy or the best like GlenForest or the best like john Fraser. Hopefully you understand what I'm trying to say to you and once again don't stress especially if your saying your Mark's are in the high 80s low 90s. When something like this occurs to me I look over it see what I did wrong and revise that again and again and again with any and every subject because there's really nothing you can do at this point so just keep being the person you are and don't let it effect you in any way.
  3. Omar_A395

    IB assessment test

    Yes, Solstice you made a good point becuase after farther research about this topic in more depth i learned that almost every school is different becuase my local IB school is what i described but another one (i forgot where) had to write french as well.
  4. Omar_A395

    EE Topic

    What grade is the EE done?
  5. Omar_A395

    IB assessment test

    I'm not on IB I'm still in middle school but basically what's going on is you need to take an entrance exam, I'm still not sure why they do it however I do know that you have exactly 1 hour to finish a language grammar, vocabulary correction and fill in the blank type of thing and there usually is an essay that needs to written that has a limit of 200-250 words. The math test is going to be based of off the grade 7 and 8 cirriculam so nothing you should really worry about there and I believe that some school also do French however it's not mandatory after grade 9. There's no point of stressing because you won't get enough sleep which will cause you brain to become foggy which will give you a hard time during the actual test. A trick I learned is to write everything you know first because then the facts will slowly start popping up as information comes up. I wish you the best of luck and hope that everything goes. At this point your test is tommorow (if you live in mississauga) so just read and look over anything in math that you may have questions about or try going to gauss. It's a math contest hosted by the university of Waterloo that's the grade 7 and 8 cirricilam I did it and was able to score 121 out of 150 which isn't that bad. I hope that this information was help and good luck!
  6. Omar_A395

    Entrance test for IB

    I am currently in grade 7 and I know that high school is very hard in general (compared to middle school) and so I wanted to be prepared 100% no doubt about anything however I don't know what to study in particular I'm gonna be doing the grade 8 math ciricullam over the summer as well as practice some writing, I know three people that applied and got ecepted in IB but they said that they only thing they need to do is write about why they should except you and they all tried out for glen forest and that's the school I'm hoping to end in. So If you've done the test for IB in glenforest inform me about how it was like because I know that different IB schools do different test.

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