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  1. flyingmandarines

    IA ESS Context help

    How do I write a good context/background for the internal assessment of ESS? Does anyone have any tips!?
  2. flyingmandarines

    stimulus for philosophy ia?

    does someone have any ideas about interesting stimulus or ideas for a philosophy internal assessment?
  3. flyingmandarines

    Philosophy Prescribed texts help!

    Hi, I'm doing a bunch of practice tests for philosophy and in the test about prescribed texts I can't seem to understand quite well the structure of section B, or how to write it correctly. I'm doing it about Nietzsche in genealogy of morals, specifically about the ascetic ideals and the will to truth that he describes in the third treaty. Any help would be appreciated!
  4. flyingmandarines

    IA research question Help!!!

    Hi! Thanks so much for your response! Well, I'm thinking of doing the reaction of different groups of people (such as different group of men, different group of women, depending on social classes or ages (I also discovered that mothers-in-law were against the law because of what the feudal system let them do about controlling their daughters in law.)) So I would probably investigate about how their lives changed after the Law of Marriage and how they reacted to it.
  5. flyingmandarines

    IA research question Help!!!

    Hi! I'm doing my IA on Mao Tse Tung's politics on women, around 1930-1950. The most interesting and relevant thing I could find was the cause and consequence of the Law of Marriage in China implemented during his government, but I don't know how to make it up to be a question. I want to research the different reactions that this controversial law had and how the role of women changed, so if anyone could have some idea of how to compose it, it would be amazing! thanks.
  6. flyingmandarines

    History IA general questions

    Hi! As said before, if it is okay with your teacher, there shouldn't really be a problem with researching things you haven't been taught directly in class. My school teaches Chinese history (Mao Tse Tung specifically) for a whole semester, and if you want to do a research based on Chinese history, I would say his period of time and the history/events surrounding his rising and fall are very interesting. I'm actually doing my IA on Mao's politics on women, which are really interesting and completely not something I expected. I'm still playing around with the research question, but yeah... Check out Mao! There are a bunch of great topics to research about him.

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