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  1. Marcelina1520


    Hi! Anyone knows how to memorize all the Psychology HL studies for the exam, and actually remember them?
  2. Marcelina1520


    Hello ! Any tips of how to survive ESS, when you have a teacher that doesn't know how to teach the subject ? Thanks
  3. HELP! I´m writing my EE esasy in English and I was wondering if any of you have any databases/ pages where I could find any reliable sources ?
  4. Hi !! I´m about to start the IB Diploma Programme soon, and I´d like to be prepared. The courses that I would be taking are Swedish A SL, English B HL, Psychology HL, Bussiness and Management HL, Math Studies HL, ESS SL. It would be helpful if you could provide me with some resources, like IB youtube teachers for the Bussiness, Math, Psychology, and ESS, maybe some tips. It would seriously help me out, as I'm about to die from anxiety because everybody says IB is hell, and I just want to be prepared i guess . // Marcelina
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