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  1. SMY

    Remark for Chem HL?

    I am 3 marks from a 6 in Chem HL...do you guys think its worth a remark?
  2. SMY

    Going up to 5 HLs

    If you want to take PCM HL...honestly Take it. I did Phy hl, math hl, econ hl....then after year 1, I went to chem hl, math hl, econ hl. The big problem was this mindset I had that PCM HL is not doable at my school but no! Don't take something because everyone else says it. I hated Econ HL...I should have never done it honestly and for me I enjoyed PCM, and never Econ but because of this world-wide fright in PCM...I decided that Econ HL was a must. Do what you enjoy, and if you are even mediocre at the beginning; trust me, by the end of IB, you will do great.
  3. SMY

    Is it too late for me?

    I dont know what you can do to change the language problem but you seem like a very strong science student and I like your grades apart from the languages. I would advice seek maybe language improvement, maybe taking a home language and english B instead of literature. I tell you this because I took PCM and in my finals, my results came with 6/5 for my languages and that for any STEM IB student sucks because it brings your overall all the way down...so if I could do IB again; I would choose my languages more wisely so I am able to achieve as high as possible in them. There is no need to struggle in a language when you are planning to apply to TOP unis for engineering; you need a higher overall...and your STEM subjects are already good. Luckily, in IB; I was achieving high in the languages so I was able to have a high overall to apply to US unis...and it doesn't affect me to much that my languages dropped my overall because US unis just want to see that you passed the IB, and did not drop too significantly (Unless it's Harvard). So you will need higher predicted than those and its sad to see the langauges are taking your overall down; I think you need to change ASAP because no one get in with your overall even if you had 777 in PCM. By the way; opt for an ''A'' language; maybe your home language ''A''...BUT please improve in english B SL...I know you are smart enough to score better than that!
  4. Hello Everyone, I am a graduate of the IB on MAY 2018, and I had always been a student who was pretty good at math. I did MYP, and slid through it with 7s all along in Math. I then was told by my teacher that Math HL would be suitable for me and that it would be a good challenge. At that time I thought, yeahh but I will just go in and prove that its easy. My first Sequence and series test, I got a 3, and was in terrible shock, I had never seen below a 7 in years in Math, and the MATH HL IB CLASS had a first test given to me that was a 3. I continued and it seemed like after I had a talk with the IB DP coordinator who feared that maybe HL Maths was the wrong choice for me, I was improving. The next tests I continued to improve and it looked like I could even get a 6 in my IB YEAR 1 school finals. I did the YEAR 1 finals and scored a low 4...something like 39% and I was really feeling bad for myself. I also had physics HL and Econ HL, and I wanted to move to Chem HL, which I later did. BUT MATH HL had turned me to a humble student and I knew I had to work so hard but I couldn't find enough time in a summer that I began applying to the US unis. My grade made me the worst in the class, and also the only student from MYP, so I wanted to blame the easy MYP system but that was not going to help me pass IB...and I knew that! YEAR 2 started and HL MATHS got even more fast paced and harder, and I was literally scoring 2s on Integral Calculus papers, and this was tearing down my confidence. When YEAR 2 MOCKS came, I scored a 30% in P1 and a 38% in Paper 2....THAT WAS A 3 in January whilst my exams were on May. From then on, I got my final predicted grades and it was written on my report I will get a 3 in my finals, and if I work really hard, then a 4. I really wanted to prove that I could get a 6 in HL MATH. So, I began working and revising in February. Going through the IB Study guide for HL maths, IB questionbanks, and an online website that helped with questions. I even got onto whatsapp math groups that I thought could help. When march came around I did a few past papers like worth maybe 2-3 years and sat the exam. I ended up with a 60% in the IB math HL Finals, which is a 5 (StatsOption). Even though I was aiming to show I can get a 6, I will be fine with the 5, because I know I put as much as I could in the time that I had to prepare. From failure, I managed to regain my self-confidence. It was quite a journey of challenges as my teacher who advised me to take the subject had once said.

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