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  1. Are there any scholarships or bursaries for just taking on IB? I feel like we should all be rewarded for our pain. Thank you
  2. Hi I was one point away from the diploma and one point away from the upper boundary of Spanish ab initio. Should I attempt to rescore the grade? thank you
  3. Hi Everyone! First off I would like to apologize for the rant that I am about to embark on. So yesterday I decided to log in and check my ****ing IB score just to see that I was not awarded the diploma. That in itself is depressing but what's worse is that I was one point off from that **** diploma that I busted my ass off for. What's more sad is that I was one point off from upper boundary for three ****ing subjects. I was thinking about appealing the grades but that ****s like $200. My broke ass can't afford especially when I spent my money on IA projects just to get moderated down. Like should I start a gofundme page or something? But also if I do end up challenging the grades is it worth it? And what subjects should I challenge? I thought I was alright after crying myself to sleep yesterday but I'm not, I'm pissed off. Also should I sue IB for emotional trauma? Thank you for all your guys help! My grades/ subjects: ENGLISH A: Literature HL :4 - Five points from upper boundary SPANISH AB. SL: 4 - One point from upper boundary History Europe HL in English: 4 - One point from upper boundary BIOLOGY HL in ENGLISH: 4 - Two points from upper boundary PHYSICS SL in ENGLISH: 4 - Eleven points from upper boundary MATHEMATICS SL in ENGLISH: 3 - One point from upper boundary LITERATURE AND PERFORMANCE EE: D Three points from upper boundary THEORY KNOWL. TK in ENGLISH: C - Five points from upper boundary I'm also very sorry that you have to see such ugly Ib grades. Pls tell me what I should do.

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