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  1. Since the past few weeks I’ve been searching for the best IBDP textbooks for Physics(hl),maths(hl), comp science(hl) , eco , fre and chem. Please suggest some good textbooks for the IBDP course.
  2. So my ibdp started and we were introduced to economics and business management. I wanna do space as my career( what in space I will have to research shortly) and I will be taking physics, chem/Cs (or both), maths hl and French and English sl. my question here is should I be taking economics or business management in my IBDP?. I have previously done economics and I’m pretty good at it. Moreover, I wanted to know which out of these I must take to pursue space as my career. I would be looking at the uni requirements in some time also.
  3. Suraaj

    Need serious help

    Hey guys, so my ibdp program started today and I came to know a little about the program. The problem is I wanna pursue space and my career and I need to take Computer science and chemistry as far as I know. What I have thought and that HL- maths, computer science, physics Sl- French, English, Chemistry, Economics the teachers are asking me only to take 6 subjects cuz it would be a burden. So how do I contact universities fast and who do I ask and what do I drop?????
  4. Suraaj

    Need serious help

    How do I check the university requirements
  5. Suraaj

    IB youtube teachers , URGENT !!

    Hello Marcelina, I’m not sure about other subjects since I didn’t opt for them but for Maths there is Patrick JMT who is really good. You could also try channels like Exam Solutions, IB vodcasting. These are probably the best as far as I know.
  6. Suraaj

    The right books for IBDP

    Hey Mac, thanks a lot for the advice
  7. Hey guys, I’m going into IBDP-1 in a few days and I have yet not decided which subjects I should be talking in higher level and standard level. I want to purse astrophysics, since I’m very interested in it. My doubt here is where I should be taking Chemistry as my HL subject or Comp.Science as my Hl subject *Note I’m taking both Comp.Science as well as Chemisty but the confusion is which should I pursue with Hl and whether they might be any consequence of doing so.
  8. Suraaj

    Subject combination for Astrospace

    Hey thanks a lot !

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