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  1. I have been constantly telling my dad about my IA on what your future decisions might be and he is NOT TELLING ME FOR 2 WHOLE MONTHS. i think i won't be able to do. He is not giving any data. He does not understand what I am saying particularly about addressing a problem - the RQ. He just told me to make RQ by myself as if it is my own company, but that is not right thing to do. I really do not know what to do. The only thing he does after every discussion is to moan.
  2. Can anyone help in my BM HL IA. I don't know how to frame the research proposal................ and the client isn't telling the problem or the proper data.... and also in CS IA, what exactly is a success criteria..? Math IA - what exactly is math exploration/math project? what is the difference? Can anyone help me understand the difference in essay and presentation in TOK? the difference I mean that, is the content of essay and presentation have to be the same? (the content I mean, the KQ) is KQ supplied from the IBO, or do I have to frame KQ by myself? What is the marking range for TOK? does both essay and presentation count as total? What is the major difference between EE and IA? in managebac, the only method to let my supervisor review my CAS is by emails. But what happens if the supervisor does not have an email..?? tips for managing time (+i know it sounds absurd, but unexpected test invigilated by the teacher makes my calender a more mess - since i have to reclassify the time - as time is limited) How do u organise the time for cas when there are more stuff to do in academics.. are there any minimum requirement for CAS..? (BTW i'm 2018 batch) and why do i procrastinate more than when i was 10th grade..? and how do i solve this??
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