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  1. Hi guys, my EE sort of 'proposal' due date where we seriously consult to the EE supervisors and all that are next week's Wednesday, and honestly I'm still so so confused and I need help or just some suggestions or anything, please. Here are the subjects I am taking: Economics HL, Mathematics HL, Physics HL, Chemistry SL, English A SL, MandarinAB. So, since the start, I've always intended on taking Economics EE because from all my other subjects, it seemed impossible for me. (I've been getting rock bottom scores for Math and the school have no more supervisors for Physics). So, I've been researching a lot for like a few months now, but until now I've got nothing. Initially, I wanted to do about impact of K-Pop in Korea's economy, which would certainly interest me, but the Econs EE supervisor said to do something related to your country, and I'm an Indonesian. I've also searched about topics like tourism, transport, food, etc, but it's really hard for me to relate it to the economics concept especially when it's like about a particular brand like for example McD, etc. And lots of people say that it's leaning more towards Business, and I don't take Business. My economics EE supervisor has been chasing me and all that about topics topics and topics for Econs since he knows that I want to take it, but yesterday he talked to me and said that it's really important for everyone to do an EE on a topic that will surely interest us and something that you are passionate about. He kept on also encouraging the whole class to take a Language EE, like Indonesian B and the subject allows you to talk about a wide range of things like analysing songs, brochures, ads and all that, etc. So, I was quite persuaded by that and I really want to do on something about K-Pop. So, I noticed I could write about K-Pop on these language EEs, but the problem is I don't take Indonesian B and I don't take English A HL (I take A SL), so it would surely be a challenge for me. Even though Indonesian is my first language, I don't know if I could write well, but I really feel like I wanna do this you know, or maybe do English A EE. Another problem is, I don't know how I could relate the topic of K-Pop to these language EEs, can anyone maybe share me your thoughts on my issue please? I really need help. Thank you!!...
  2. Hi guys, I have a proposal for FOA: Part 1 Language in Cultural Context due on Monday, which is in like tomorrow, and I still have no ideas and I'm still so confused. The teacher has only 'taught' us about Martin Luther King Jr's speech analysis and that's it... Like I don't understand about how we are supposed to do this.. Like we have to have a role when we are delivering our FOA? We're not allowed to give like just simple presentations on the analysis of something? I don't understand... Also, how am I supposed to relate language in culture? Like for example, gender and sexism or whatever, how is that related to culture? What is the relation of bilingualism to culture? I don't understand the logic and I will really really appreciate it if someone could enlighten me about these please... I'm like desperate. Thank you...
  3. I see. Thank you very much for the suggestion!
  4. Thank you so much, and it turns out that almost all of us in our class are going to do it alone. Now, my proposal is due on Monday and honestly I'm so ruined.
  5. Hi everyone, So, my teacher introduced us for the first time about this FOA today and apparently we are going to do 2 FOAs, the first one is in this quarter, and the second one is in the next quarter. My teacher told us that for the first one, you can pair up with a classmate because it's our first time or you can do it alone. So, my question is: is it better to pair up or just do it alone? Like did most of you do your FOAs alone or paired or grouped? For the first FOA, we're supposed to base it on Language in Cultural Context, I'm still unsure what kind of stuff I have to do because today was just a simple briefing, but I just want to know early about this. I'm also anxious about these pairing up thinggy all the time because I might not be able to get a partner... But, I also don't know if doing it alone is better and more beneficial... And I'm relatively quite a shy person and hate public speaking, but of course I know I have to push beyond my comfort zones now, so like whatever I don't care. But, please respond this asap with your opinions and experiences pleaseee... Thank you everyone.
  6. Hi everyone, My written task first draft for English A SL is due on Monday, and right now I'm very very lost & confused. I do have ideas on my topic, but I just really don't know how to start it in a good way. Can anyone please message me or anything? I desperately need help, like I just need some insights or some words to help me build it. Please please. Thank you so much.
  7. I see. Hopefully and thank you so much for responding!!!!
  8. Ohhh yes yes!! That's what my EE coordinator said too!! And that's what I'm worried too. I don't think I'm going to take Economics for my University, but I don't really know what I want either. It's so messy. I'm probably going to take Engineering/Computer Science, but I don't have the passion for that...
  9. Based on my EE coordinator, it's better to have your EE on a topic of what you would take a major in University as it would help a lot in your Uni Application and Personal Statement or something, but I don't even know what I'm going to do for my University yet, so like I'm so confused. And really? You think so? I wanted to find out about yes those kind of things for the K-pop, but I'm not sure either. And for Visual Arts, I'm not allowed to take it because I didn't take Arts IGCSE last year and my Art skills are horrible, I just really take interests in taking photographs and editing them, playing with the colours, something like that haha.
  10. Aaaah I see, I'll have to think more about it! Thank you soooo much for responding!
  11. Hi, everyone. I was wondering if any of you could help in throwing some suggestions on my EE topics.. I'm taking Physics HL, Math HL, Economics HL, Eng A SL, MandarinAB, Chemistry SL. It's strongly recommended by my teachers to do an EE on one of my HLs, so I'm probably gonna do that. I have very few ideas in mind, just the topics, not the RQ, and it'd help me a lot if you guys could tell me your thoughts on what I have to say I guess? I was thinking about K-Pop for Economics. Like how K-Pop have increased the economy in Korea something like that? I don't know if that makes sense or would be taken as a joke or something by other people tho. Or I was thinking about something to do with Photography, but I realized that in order for me to do something about Photography, it's better to have Visual Arts, but I don't take the subject... I am trying to relate Photography to any of my HLs, but I can't seem to think of anything... Like I don't even know what areas in Photography that I want to explore into if I were to take that. I'm just simply interested in Photography and editing... Also, if not, something to do with Computer Science/Programming I guess? However, again, I don't know what kind of topic I want to do in Computer Science and what will the chosen subject be? CompSci is not offered in our school... But, again it's one of very very few areas of interests (like coding or something). Or something to do with Food? Cooking? I'm just so lost and everyone has got ideas or a subject in mind to do even though it's only the third week of my first year in the IB Program, but here I am not knowing what to do. I've also got no clear dreams on who I want to be or anything. So, it's kind of hard for me to relate to what I want to do for EE because the teachers always say that it's better to do an EE on what you are very interested in and most likely would be helpful for you in the University, something like that. So, it'd help me a lot if you throw in some ideas or just like some kind of a response.. I would really appreciate the help. Thank you guys...
  12. Aaaaah that's so sad :((((. Thank you so much for the response!
  13. Hello. I'm a new student in the 2 year course IBDP Program this year and I have an urgent question right now. Is it possible to take 2 language B subjects for the IBDP Program? So, here is my plan. I want to take English B (HL) and MandarinAB Initio for my choice 1 and choice 2 language subjects respectively. However, I'm currently in English A (SL) because I'm not offered English B (HL), but my English teacher kept on saying that if you think that you can't take English A SL, because it's very tough and your language skills is not sufficient, you can go down. So, I went to meet the VP of my school to talk about this because I want to go down and he told me that we are only allowed to take 1 A language and 1 B language. I was so shocked and so sad! Like, really my English skills are really awful compared to other people and I was already suffering in English First Lang IGCSE. Wanted to post this because I still can't believe what he said and I need clarifications & maybe some suggestions please? Thank you so much.
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