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  1. instead of taking computer studies. you can take something easy like ITGS and do a lot of MUN's. Which will increase your potential of practising law
  2. For chemistry and biology, Actually the books and the study guides of Pearson will be really helpful for going on your course. As it has a lot of IB based questions and also working out for theses questions
  3. You can try to use the rate of cooling using differential equations or differentiation and also include probability of the rate of cooling would be the same.
  4. Cambridge will not have much of an effect on your critical thinking towards IB questions whereas Oxford will
  5. It will help you a lot as it enhances your skills towards preparing for IB based questions
  6. Hello MR.g, I have some problems for my IB physics can you please help me with it
  7. IBZOMBIE9840

    C 5.pptx

    C 5.pptx
  8. IBZOMBIE9840

    C 6.pptx

    C 6.pptx
  9. topic_1_stoichiometric_relationships_1.1_to_1.3.pptx
  10. topic_2_atomic_structure_2.1_2.2_12.1.pptx
  11. topic_3_periodicity_3.1_3.2_13.1_13.2.pptx
  12. topic_4_bonding_4.1to_4.5_14.1to_14.2.pptx
  13. topic_5_energetics_thermochemistry_5.1-5.3_15.1-2.pptx
  14. topic_6_chemcial_kinetics_6.1_16.1-2.pptx
  15. topic_7_equilibrium_7.1_17.1.pptx

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