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  1. We didn't use Managebac at all during our IB journey and School doesn't recommend using Managebac..
  2. I think I can help you if you want to. I can tell you how to start structuring it and also help with going in the right direction rather than going in deviated routes.
  3. Ok. I am just saying the experience which I had
  4. Actually while buying from amazon there might be some kind of defect so i would rather say you to buy from an authorised TI shops.
  5. Ok so you can go on with your present subjects as you are not confident in this. IB is all about confidence. you should be confident what you're going to take
  6. Yes. You can proceed on with the present choice of your subjects as you said it will strengthen your chance and at the same time you will have a mover advantage against all the other candidates in the university admissions and proceedings
  7. If you are taking any engineering course for your universities, then it is recommended that to continue with the same. But if you are interested in taking the any other course linked with economics you can go on switching from Chem Hl to sl and bringing up eco sl to hl
  8. In IB there hasn't been any EE without calculations. if you're trying to do without calculations, you would be the first one. As the EE without calculations in IB would fetch really low marks as there is a criteria in IB for DATA collection and processing.
  9. you can just talk about what you are mainly going to do. Basically you can write it down as a a statement. But there should be a central idea of what you're doing in your question/statement
  10. Hello IBians, I have always wanted to create an organization to help IB students and my aim is to bring everyone into the 35 and also help them in giving ideas for doing their CAS and also bringing in a MUN organization so that it can benefit all the students irrespective of their Board. Whoever is interested, Please do put your name and also your country and Skype id too and whether you have finished IB or not..
  11. Adding to this you can use videos of studynova from youtube. It's a good resource to be relied I got great marks in my Mocks due to these videos.
  12. Please don't use Khan academy for physics, maths and chemistry. You can head over to youtube and try videos of Richard Thornley and Andrew Weng for Chemistry and use Chris Doner and Studynova for physics. You can prepare the content in your book within this year. Prepare your IA topics beforehand so that you can have a headstart and finish your IA's than your classmates. IF you are taking EE in physics, even prepare your topics for it beforehand. Note: always have some backup topics if your IA and EE topics are rejectes by your supervisor/teacher. Also you can start preparing for your syllabus and your written examinations from now which will give boost if you compare it with your classmates and friends. Good Luck! All the best in getting a 45..... 
  13. This is a good topic to go on but please keep in your mind that you need to add in more variables such as using different caffeine content products, usage of different techniques to calculate the caffeine content in each product and other variables. These are just suggestions to add these variables in your IA but at the last you're the one who is going to write your IA.

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