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  1. but there was this girl in our school who took an indian origin book and she translated it. And she also got an A for her EE in english.
  2. Yes , you can do a non English writer's book but you need translate every single line or phrase which you are trying to analyse in the book. Its not needed that the author should come from a English speaking country.
  3. Its you're wish whether you want to make it to physics or as an economics EE. But as of my opinion it doesn't have physics in it at all, so i would suggest you to change you're RQ if you want to do a physics EE or change you're subject to Economics.
  4. This RQ is already done by my classmates already on november 2018 batch. So, i think you should start thinking of a new RQ. You can think about rate of electroplating/galvanising of different metals. But this is just my opinion you can think about other ideas to like finding the calcium content using EDTA titration and others too.
  5. But three 3 HL's is too much these days after 2015. But you can you're math analysis to Math HL.
  6. Getting a gold certificate in UKMT Test doesn't do anything for IB Mathematics especially if you're taking the option Calculus. Start trying to strengthen you're basics which is the first 10 chapters in the Haese Mathematics textbook. This will give you a type of basic support for IB mathematics. Then after doing these, try to solve a lot of Past Papers especially the ones after the year 2015 and also try to strengthen yourself for using you're GDC. In physics HL, its all about the presence of mind in how you attempt you're paper. So, first up try to do basics like how it was in mathematics but instead use the Cambridge HL physics book. Read and try out the sums in SL chapters and then move onto the HL chapters and again do a lot of Past Papers. You can also try other A-level and O-level questions which are relevant for the chapters in IB. I have not taken economics so, i don't have any idea about it. ALL THE BEST FOR YOU'RE SCORES
  7. I wouldn't suggest taking 4 HL's with the type of combination in the HL's which you have taken. Please do consider only doing 3 HL's which you have taken. As these are are one of the heavy workloaders in IB after the HL Combination Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. But if you want to get decent scores in you're HL's you need to start working a lot for these scores. So, start planning on you're IA's and you're EE's as early as possible. ALL THE BEST IN THE UPCOMING FUTURE FOR YOU'RE SCORES.
  8. Yes it would still be hard to write 4000 words on it. But there is only a restriction on the maximum word count but not the minimum word limit. You can write how much ever words you within 4000. The content only matters not the word count.
  9. Actually, Canada is good for doing Pre-IB. It depends on what school you're going to join. In Canada schools which are good for doing Pre-IB are: the Vanier College in Quebec Heritage Regional High school in Quebec If you're living somewhere else you can ask me what schools are good in your area.
  10. instead of taking computer studies. you can take something easy like ITGS and do a lot of MUN's. Which will increase your potential of practising law
  11. You can try to use the rate of cooling using differential equations or differentiation and also include probability of the rate of cooling would be the same.
  12. Cambridge will not have much of an effect on your critical thinking towards IB questions whereas Oxford will
  13. It will help you a lot as it enhances your skills towards preparing for IB based questions
  14. Hello MR.g, I have some problems for my IB physics can you please help me with it
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