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  1. To be honest, most schools don't require 500 words per reflection. But if your CAS coordinator tells you that you should, then do it. Your CAS coordinator is the one approving your CAS activities and so it's their word that counts. That said, you could still ask them about the length of the required reflection compared to the examples IB provides. When it comes to CAS activities, you should always show initiative, but the activity itself doesn't have to be anything huge. If you decide to plan a dinner, that's great! But smaller things like simply going running every day could still count as CAS. Even just playing soccer or making an art piece for 2 or 3 hours count. Do check again with your CAS coordinator though, because different schools might accept different things as CAS activities (it's up to the supervisor's discretion).
  2. Sheepsie


    Not necessarily psychology based, but there might be a few free resources from this one: https://www.jstor.org/ It's got a lot of good journal articles, and even lets you read a few for free each month if you register. Also, my public library gives me access to it, so check if you have any public libraries/resources nearby that gives you access to resources like this. Additionally, if there are any universities near you, you might want to call them and ask if their libraries are open to visitors. Some will let you use their libraries as long as you ask for a visitor's pass. Disclaimer: I live in a totally different part of the world, so I'm not really sure what kind of establishments (e.g. libraries, universities, etc.) you have access to in your area. If I talk about some stuff that you don't have over there, please excuse my ignorance 😅
  3. Sheepsie


    Your school might have access to some academic journals and databases where you can search for sources. You might want to ask your librarian about this.
  4. Sheepsie

    Slipping Grades

    Why exactly do you procrastinate? Maybe thinking about "why?" rather than "how?" will help you more. I've tried a few productivity methods before too (though not as extensively as you did) and they didn't really stick either. I found that reflecting on the reasons why I procrastinated helped me more than trying a bunch of methods to force myself to stop. Often, there's some deeper reason why you might procrastinate, and asking yourself "why?" can help you solve those problems. Once you figure out why, and then deal with that issue, it'll make the productivity methods stick better. For me, the real problem is perfectionism, which leads to high expectations for my assignments, which means that they become burdens. More activation energy is needed to make me start doing something because I'll want to make it perfect from the get-go, which is exhausting. So, the solution I've come up with for my particular problem is to take it easier on myself. Don't look over what I already wrote, and don't try to fix those awkward sentences immediately. Write up a few bad drafts, then actually edit those drafts. (In the past I just did the assignment as perfectly as possible and didn't edit. Bad idea, it takes forever, don't do that.) Basically, I try to reduce my expectations so I'm actually willing to work on the assignment earlier and finish it earlier. Then, I raise my expectations when I edit. I've been able to actually start my assignments earlier, and am better focused when I work on them.
  5. Sheepsie

    What is taught in math as French in Pre-IB?

    To be honest, you should probably contact your school via email or telephone to ask about that.
  6. Sheepsie

    IA rules on identification of student?

    I did not do it. General members of this site do not have the ability to delete other peoples' comments on threads. However, I totally understand why a moderator would have. I checked out that website you sent, but it is quite obvious to me that it is a website that is directly against the IB policy on plagiarism. If you were genuinely trying to help, thank you. But even so, please do not link to any sites or services that can get an IB student's diploma taken away.
  7. Sheepsie

    IA rules on identification of student?

    Thank you very much for the clarification! I won't be namedropping any people, but I do use the names of specific airlines. Would that be okay, or would that trip off IB's sensors?
  8. Sheepsie

    Ongoing vs One Time CAS Activities?

    Good news: There is If you click the "Add CAS Experience" button on the right side of the screen, the CAS worksheet will pop up. On the worksheet, you can click the tags to add them to that activity. One of the tags is "Ongoing." Additionally, you can specify the range of time you do that particular activity, right below the tagging area. Here's a screenie of one of my ongoing activities:
  9. Hey guys! Does IB dislike the possible identification of a student from their IA's? I'm currently writing a Math SL IA on airplane ticket prices, and I collected data for a specific route connecting my country of residence to my birthplace (in another country). I'd like to provide a rationale in the IA for why I decided to choose those specific countries, but I remember that IB had some kind of policy that restricts students from placing anything that might identify them into their assessments. Although IA's are internally marked, I do remember that they're externally moderated, so maybe they'd want to eliminate bias on that front. Bottom line: Is it alright for me to write that I'm a) Canadian and b) from that second country?
  10. Sheepsie

    Need help with a strict teacher

    Sorry to say this, but I think this is a very very bad idea. Hiring someone to do your homework for you will not help you get any better at your subjects. You won't have this help during your exams, so if you haven't been doing your own work, you will not be well prepared. Perhaps getting a tutor might be a good idea, but definitely do not allow others to do the work for you. In addition, IB takes plagiarism and the like offenses very seriously, and any indication of plagiarism may stop you from getting your IB diploma. No doubt most already know this, but just another precaution.
  11. Sheepsie

    CAS help

    Good choices! Your activities should be good as long as you take enough photos and do enough reflections. Creativity does not specifically have to be artistic things though. Debate and model UN may also be considered 'creative' activities
  12. Sheepsie

    CAS in Sweden

    I imagine that CAS in Sweden would be basically the same as CAS anywhere else? Maybe do some art projects for creativity, jogging or sports for activity, and volunteer somewhere for service.
  13. Sheepsie

    Is IB worth it?

    IB is only as much as what you make out of it. And by that, I mean to say that it is only a tool that you can use to better yourself. Whether or not you use that tool effectively is up to you, and how you make use of the program. If you don't put in the effort, IB will not do anything for you and might even have negative effects, especially in the self-esteem and mental health areas (since everyone's really smart and there's a lot of stress to do well). If you do put in lots of effort, IB can really help you to improve your work habits and broaden your horizons, so I do think that there can also be huge benefits. Tl;dr: IB is a double edged sword. Only do it if you're prepared to put in a lot of time and effort into it.
  14. Sheepsie


    The difference is just that externally assessed work is marked by an examiner who is not part of your school, while internally assessed work is marked by a teacher within the school you go to.
  15. Depends on what you mean by CAS project. If you just mean any old activity that you can put in for CAS, then no, it's fine if you are the only IB student, or even the only person doing the activity. Keep in mind, though, that at least a few of your normal CAS activities should involve collaboration and teamwork (and that in the team CAS activities it's best to take initiative and not just do menial grunt work). If you're talking about the long-term CAS project, which some schools (like mine) have, then it must be collaborative. You don't necessarily have to work with IB students, it can be anybody.

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