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  1. Reading this books: The Outsider The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With the Sea Macbeth The Handmaid's Tale Pygmalion  The Crucible If you need any one of them - BOOKS
  2. Great post really helpful . Just need need to add one thing Free IB Books. hope it will be helpful for those who are in search of BOOKS for free.
  3. Hi, If are looking for IB resources for free for every subject then you can follow the link - free IB course Here you can find: Lectures notes . Video explanation of each topic . Sample papers for practice . mock test series . IB BOOKS
  4. Bowen Jones Homer For HL Physics I recommend you OXFORD books of author" Bowen Jones Homer". Its really good for concept clarity. And for HL Chemistry you can follow "Hodder Education " publication books because they also have practice papers along with solution which are explained in details. For other subjects follow the link here you can find a list of lot of books and you also can also download it - IB BOOKS. Here you can also find books for other subjects you have mentioned above.
  5. Probably i can suggest the best one. It really helps me a lot. If you are planning to go for online educational portal then you can visit Testprepkart. IB course
  6. My tutors has good e-portal for preparation for all Subjects and they all video lectures and previous year question bank for more and more practice. Check it at - IB Tutor .As far my concern they are best and helped me a lot for preparation . Good luck. Hope you will find everything their what you need.
  7. If you are good at chemistry then go with HL chemistry otherwise don't. If you think you are at same level at both then go with HL English instead of Chemistry because it more easy to mange HL English compare to HL chemistry. Incase you are still confused and you need expert advice then follow- IB Tutor they can more brief you in this scenario.
  8. Definitely Extended Essay because for essay you need content means you need to do more research. For IA you can take topic with lower difficulty. For expert advice visit - IB Tutor
  9. Hi, I will share a platform from where i have prepared for HL Chemistry .They have good amount of study material and practice papers. I am resident of Singapore and i find it good because it is online e-portal - IB Singapore Hope from here you will get your all answers for your questions. Good Luck.
  10. Hello Actually i am looking for some good IB Physics tutor here in Singapore . Some of friends suggest me to opt online tutoring- IB Tutor in singapore. Can anyone will provide a review for this.
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