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  1. slmsym

    How can I improve my criterion E for ITGS IA?

    Actually you should not focus on multimedia section. Website development is under the title of “Products developed using web-based templates and Web 2.0 tools”. I am attaching a photo in which you can see the basic and advanced techniques for this type of project. If you have used at least 3 of the mentioned “advanced techniques”, there is no need to worry.
  2. slmsym

    Extended Essay in English B

    You can check the Extended Essay Guide: http://www.shaker.org/downloads/ibextendedessayguide2018.pdf Specific information about language acquisition, including classical languages starts from page 123.
  3. slmsym

    Mathematics HL Notes-Core

    Mathematics HL Notes-Core by IBling.
  4. Is there a minimum word limit for long answer/essay questions (which are 22 marks, section B in paper 1 and in Paper 2)? My teacher says that it is obligatory to write more than 1000 words, but I haven’t seen such a criteria in the official subject guide. Do you guys have any idea?
  5. slmsym

    Psychology IA number of feedback?

    As far as I know, teachers are allowed to give only one written feedback. However, you may always ask for guidance from your teacher about the structure, presentation etc. of your IA. I advice you to have a look at sample IAs http://xmltwo.ibo.org/publications/DP/Group3/d_3_psych_tsm_0911_1/html/production-app3.ibo.org/publication/207/part/1/chapter/1.html (you can find them here) and use this checklist http://www.frankumstein.com/PDF/Psychology/IA Checklist.pdf when writing your IA. Hope that helps.
  6. slmsym

    Biology Extended Essay Research Method

    Just checked the EE Guide and confused once again. It says "Essays in biology may be based on data collected by the student through: experimentation, survey, microscopic observations, biological drawing, fieldwork, or some other appropriate biological approach." on page 241 under the title of Biology: Subject Specific Guidance. Attaching the corresponding section.
  7. I am writing my EE in biology and my research method is survey. I have questioned 20 people from 2 different countries (time zones more specifically). Will it cause a problem since there won’t be any hands-on experiment?
  8. slmsym

    I need university suggestions for my non-regular diploma

    Usually medicine/vet medicine and biomedical science courses in Dutch universities such as, VU Amsterdam, Maastricht and Groningen, require a non-regular Diploma (meaning that Phisyics SL or HL, Chemistry SL or HL, Mathematics SL or HL and Biology HL only.)

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