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  1. almostpaper

    Literature and Performance SL

    So glad that I could find some of y'all on this site. I'm writing my EE in L&P, but my school doesn't actually offer the course (yes, a stupid decision), so I'm just looking for anybody that can help in any way. I'd love to see a sample essay of any kind, or any study guides or other curriculum, just so I can get a better understanding of the key parts of the subject. Even better would be the contact info of anybody that could give me any tips or possibly even look over my essay. Thank you to anybody who reads this! Gotta help each other survive...
  2. I made the stupid decision of writing my EE on a subject which my school doesn't offer, and regret it... but whatever! I'd love it if somebody who takes the course or goes to a school that offers it could help me out by sending me some kind of study guide, curriculum, a sample essay of any kind or even putting me in contact with somebody would help-- I'm just looking to better understand the subject and hopefully find someone that can give me some tips or even read my essay! Thank you so much guys!!

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