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  1. Bagi

    Internal Assessment

    Hi everyone! I wanted to know, whether appendices are counted as page number or not. I mean it is included to the page limit of 6-12 or not. Thanks in advance!!!
  2. Hi everyone, Maybe someone has samples of Individual Oral activity for Russian A language and literature?
  3. For service, I have organized first Olympic Games among IB schools of Azerbaijan For creativity, there are a lot of design work For activity, I learned to play football and PingPong
  4. I like when my work has some design, but anyway thank you!
  5. Hi everyone, is it compulsory to cite images in TOK presentation or no? I mean will I be penalized because of not doing it or no?
  6. Hi everyone! I want to ask, do someone has good sources about franchising? Because I'm struggling with my research projects , if someone will be able to help me I will appreciate it) Thank you in advance!
  7. Hi everyone! Guys, I wanted to ask, is it permitted to put a picture on the cover page of my EE in English B HL? Of course, with reference! I'm waiting for your replies!
  8. How to prepare good outline?
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