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  1. Thank you so much for the reply. That's what I gathered from the internet as well. Hopefully all will go well
  2. So basically my question is formed in the title. Problem is I thought of doing a chemistry EE, because it's my HL, but I'm having serious doubts. Many people recommended of maybe doing EE in english (which is also my HL) because it might be easier. I'm planning to study something in the natural science field so I'm having doubts whether an english EE could affect my applications to universities because it's not in the same field as the studies or the universities don't care about what EE you did. Thank you in advance for all the answers, any help is very appreaciated. P.S. Please don't think I'm just trying to pass IB in easiest way possible because that is so not true, I'm just really lost in my EE "career".
  3. So the time has come for me to pick my EE topic and I'm all over the place. I'm thinking of doing something with calcium and it's concentrations in foods. But of course I can't just determine which for example green vegetable out of a couple has the most calcium cause that's too basic. I was thinking doing something with the ratio of protein and amount of calcium in different cheeses maybe. I just have no idea how to make this calcium topic more EE like and not so simple. If anyone has any possible variations of these I'd be so happy to hear them and it would really help me out
  4. Sophiee

    Which calculator???

    Thank you so much! I hope so too
  5. Sophiee

    Which calculator???

    Thank you all for the help. It was much needed and very apppreciated
  6. Sophiee

    Which calculator???

    Yeah I was thinking the same but amazon is linked in their website as a place to buy the calculator so I thought maybe it was a good choice.https://education.ti.com/en/purchase/where-to-buy?category=graphing Why buying a calculator has to be this hard :DD
  7. Sophiee

    Which calculator???

    Thank youuu so much for this info it was very useful. And one more question. Because if from Lithuania I have to buy the calculator from an online shop so I wondered do you know if Amazon is good for that? Or where did you buy your calculator from?
  8. Sophiee

    Which calculator???

    Hello everyone, I'm soon to be an IB student and I'm having quite a hard time figuring out which calculator to buy. So I hoped you could help me. My teacher send me a list of these calculators that are fit for IB but I cannot choose which one to buy. So if any of you have any tips/recommendations/information on which one should I buy I would be super thankful for those. Thank you in advance! Kalkuliatoriu sarasas.docx

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