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  1. my school has a terrible ess teacher if i take ess , i have to study it by myself. do you think it's possible to get a 7 without any help from a teacher in ess or should i just take chem with the better teacher and more help when it's so hard for me im so lost please help
  2. What would be the better science for Japanese university (G30 program in general) ESS or CHEM SL is there a business course in this program?? if you have any advice for this program, please comment
  3. hello, i need help with my ib course selections my current choices: hl: jap b econ music sl: math eng chem i wanna go into music businesss, and many people told me taking chem sl is useless. so im considering to change chem sl to ess as i don't think chem will be the right decision for me do you think it'll make my choices too easy??? also is ess considered as easy subject ??
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