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  1. Which is the best time to start Ib tuition?
  2. SteffenCarter

    Math studies questions

    Following are the Maths topics that people face problems in mock tests or IB exams. 1: Numbers and Algebra 2: Descriptive Statistics 3: Logic, sets and probability 4: Statistical applications 5: Geometry and trigonometry 6: Mathematical models 7: Differential calculus
  3. SteffenCarter

    Help for a student going into IB

    IB program prepares students to succeed in a challenging world. These programs are designed to test the extent to which students can enhance their knowledge and expand their thinking. So i think you should definietly do this programme.
  4. SteffenCarter

    Is it possible to do better?

    Ofcourse you can improve, If necessary then start taking IB tuition, It will help you to score better.
  5. SteffenCarter

    IB Resources?

    Yeah, its not working anymore. Hope this will help you out - https://sites.google.com/learning.ecolint.ch/ib-revision-resources/home If still you having trouble preparing for exams, then i would suggest you to start IB tuition. A tutor will help you through the whole syllabus and will prepare you with all past papers to score well in exams.
  6. SteffenCarter

    List of IB failing/passing conditions

    I didn't know about it. Anyway, thanks for sharing. I'll keep it in mind.
  7. SteffenCarter

    Should I quit Computer Science?

    I think biology is much harder than computer science, else its depend upon your interest. If you have interest in biology then you must go for that, otherwise computer science is not a bad subject. In fact it is very much interesting.
  8. SteffenCarter

    Current Course of IB

    Yes exactly i wanted to ask whether the normal syllabus will be discounted or not. Now my doubts are clear. Thank you so much for the help.
  9. SteffenCarter

    Current Course of IB

    Thanks for sharing the information. I am not yet clear with if this is the apart from secondary level curriculum, how a child manage to study this course. Isn't a child feel double pressure of studying normal syllabus as well IB syllabus at the same time?
  10. SteffenCarter

    Current Course of IB

    Well i want to know about the IB curriculum in Singapore. What is the current syllabus for secondary level and other necessary things which one must know before this programme.
  11. SteffenCarter

    Current Course of IB

    Can anyone tell me about current course of IB?
  12. SteffenCarter

    Teacher Support Materials

    Hi, Please share some articles by which i can get knowledge about IB subjects.
  13. SteffenCarter

    Difficult Subject in IB

    is this a compulsory subject? Do we have options for choosing subjects in this course?
  14. SteffenCarter

    Difficult Subject in IB

    Which is the most difficult subject in IB course?
  15. SteffenCarter

    IB Students' Starter Pack - IB FAQ - Syllabus links

    Very helpful information, Thanks for sharing. Can we pursue IB Course after graduation?

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