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  1. I have recently started the IB and I would like some tips on how to master all text types in French B because from what I've seen, they all have different specific structures. Recently, I have looked at diary entries, and reports.
  2. Nashe

    Bad teacher

    Hello Aaron123. I recommend you take online courses with more experienced IB teachers. It can definetely be extra work but it can help you immensely. If you disapprove of this, I recommend you talk to your teachers to see if tutoring can be an option for you. However you choose, keep in mind that dedication is what will help you pull through. I have recently started the IB as well and I am taking Biology HL. My teacher in this class is inexperienced as well, so I saw that independent studying has been really helping me understand the topics. Watching online videos about the topics as well has given me the feel of having an experienced teacher and I am really understanding the concepts now.

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