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  1. Thank you both for replying It is really useful thank you very much ! @kw0573 @slmsym
  2. Thank you for replying @kw0573, For irregular I mean by taking 3 sciences and 2 languages and mathematics. My coordinator said that in order to do 3 sciences I must have a letter from university that require the 3 sciences to send to IB for the permission. Btw, I m currently doing 7 subjects Math Hl, Psychology Sl ,Chemistry Hl, Biology HL, English B Hl, Thai ST sl, and Physics Sl(Im dropping psychology if i get the non-regular permission). I want to do the irregular diploma because I think that I might find Physics easier than Psychology since psychology does require alot of reading and physics is more likely to be mathematical which I know how to cope with. What do you think about this? At least for this year, i will try 7 subject and I will see if i m doing well in physics or not if not then i probably going to do a normal diploma.
  3. Hello everyone, I m thinking of doing the non-regular diploma, and I need to get a confirmation letter from university that require the non-regular diploma in order to do so. Do you guys may know what university I could have a possibility to get the confirmation letter from? Thank you very much for helping!!! 🤤

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