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  1. Written task type 1 about Chronik eines angekündigten Todes by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  2. amb

    Maths SL IA

    Hey, does anyone know how a maths SL IA on the use of maths, specifically Bayes Theorem, in courtrooms would work? What exactly could I investigate?
  3. amb

    Maths IA photography and maths

    Thanks! I just told my math teacher about the idea and she thought it has potential. However, she wants me to have a clear aim for my investigation, and I'm not quite sure what that aim could be. Any suggestions?
  4. amb

    Maths IA photography and maths

    How did that work out for you? I'm also contemplating of doing my IA on this topic but I'm not sure whether it's math-y enough (if that makes sense)
  5. amb

    Maths IA

    Hi, I've been thinking about doing my maths SL IA on investigating the geometric sequence of f-stop numbers in photography. Has anyone done this before? And how did it go? I'm not sure about the maths whether its math-y enough (if that makes sense). Someone help me please 😫

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