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  1. Yeah, I have a Maths teacher who just can't teach. She's really smart and knowledgeable, don't get me wrong, but she struggles with explaining the formulas. Not only that, but she moves on too fast and expects us to learn it in one go. There are times where she would so often make mistakes without even realizing and it just completely confuses the entire class. My Language teacher, all she does is talk about her past life, barely teaching us; and then on top of that, she gives us a whole pile of homework, work, exams etc to ace. Essentially, a minimum amount of work is completed during her classes or sometimes even none. So now I have to use up my spare time and give it into these two subjects.
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    Hello, I'm half way through my first year in the DP and I'm still struggling to find an interesting topic for EE on English. I wanted to take a look at The Great Gatsby, The Yellow Wallpaper or The Lord of the Flies but my sister recommended me not to do so because these texts are studied throughout the years of IB and the markers would expect an exceptional outcome towards the essay; essentially making it a little difficult for me to ace. I'm currently reading about Burmese Days by George Orwell, it talks a lot about gender, race, culture, imperialism and etc. but I'm not too sure if I'll be sticking to this one. My only option now is to take a look at other novels that perhaps incorporate politics or feminism (I feel like they'll be easier to deal with???). So, I was hoping if you guys could give me some advice on the EE and some novels I could take a look at
  3. Hello, To answer your question, yes, it is compulsory to cite anything that you took off the internet, including images into your TOK presentation. Best of luck!
  4. So, my class was told that our EE's are due next year in May and our first draft is due in a few weeks. I heard History is a great subject to look into for the EE but our teacher advised us not to focus on it since our class doesn't take that subject anymore ( ☹️ ). Anyway, I plan on finishing my TOK, CAS and EE before the year so I can focus on my studies next year. Unfortunately, I still haven't come up with a satisfactory topic yet for EE. I thought of doing it on the Western influence on Japanese art but I doubt I'd find any articles or information that could potentially build a 4,000 word essay. So I was hoping if anyone could please give me some interesting topics for EE I could perhaps look into, preferably English or History (my supervisor is a major in both these subjects, so it won't matter). Please help me, I'm actually really stressed out and worried about this.
  5. So for CAS, it's really easy coming up with idea's, but for me, it's kinda hard to keep a record of what we did and reflect upon it online (apparently, we were told that it's supposed to be on an average of 500 words ????). Basically, my friends and I formed our own mini foundation to represent our school. We partnered up with many charities and organisations to spread awareness of poverty and etc to our communities. We raised thousands of dollars through school fundraisers, helping out in festivals, nursing homes and more. We did a lot, so now we're taking a break and finishing off with our reflections and hopefully we might get a chance to do more next year.
  6. So the teacher gave us a past paper where we had to analyse and compare and contrast between two texts. I kind of struggle with writing that because I had no idea how to build up on the analysis. I scored pretty poorly on that and I asked the teacher for some feedback and she told me that my text wasn't organised and that it was all over the place. So I was wondering if anyone could please tell me how to structure the text for analyzing and comparing and contrasting between two texts?
  7. I really need a 7 in HL English, it's basically a safe score for me. I've always been good in English during my MYP years but the DP has been slightly harsher and my teacher expects so much from me. So I was wondering if there's any good tips or tricks to improve in English? Any inputs are welcomed
  8. I'm taking Biology SL and we're kind of rushing through the syllabus right now, so by next year, we can revise again with the teacher. I'm not really confident with how I'm progressing with Biology as it has never been a subject of interest for me. Currently, it's the breaks and I want to focus on Biology and Languages as much as possible. My friend gave me an Oxford Study Guide for Biology, a summarized version for me to study, saying it's really helpful. So should I just get another notebook for Biology just for studying from only the Guide Book? Any inputs are welcome
  9. I'm currently in my second last year of the IB and I'm severely struggling to learn Arabic. Since it's the only language my school offers, I have no choice but to accept it. My friends are native speakers of the Arabic language and sometimes even they struggle with forming paragraphs and such. Anyway, in class, we barely make any progress because the teacher would always inform us about her past life and basically talking off topic. Once in a while, she'll give us practice exam papers and because I don't come from an Arabic background, I don't understand it at all. I managed to teach myself how to read but I struggle with understanding and writing. Should I just somehow fit extra hours for Arabic in my schedule???? It'll be really helpful if someone could please give me some tips or something, I don't know, I'm just really worried about what I'm going to do for the final exams when I'll have to form paragraphs and answer questions etc.
  10. So my school only offers the Arabic for Language. I don't come from an Arabic speaking family so it's really hard for me to take the course. I recently got introduced to Arabic so I'm taking Arabic Ab Initio though I'm still severely struggling and quite stressed about what I'm going to do next year for the exam. I'm able to somewhat read the language after getting some tutoring but I'm unable to actually understand what I'm reading or its comprehension. I was told to do tutoring for Arabic by my teacher but I don't have enough time. I come home quite late and by the time I finish my work, assignments and studying it's already time for sleeping. (My parents are quite strict on our sleeping habits). It's not a very easy language to learn and my lack of interest makes it harder for me to actually study it. So I wondering if you guys could give me any advice on how I could improve my Arabic.
  11. I don't find my current focus for my process journal in Visual Arts very interesting (beauty standards in Asia: an insight of their obsession with fair skin and body weight), can someone help me build up on that topic please? I feel as though the topic itself isn't that interesting. Any advice and inputs are welcomed. I also have another question. The first few pages of my process journal are very unsophisticated and a minimum amount of work is given into it. Because I recently started focusing on VA a lot more, the pages are getting a lot more filled. So my question is, should I restart my entire journal and just glue the pages that have enough information and effort put into it to my new journal?
  12. Hello, I'm new to this whole website so I'm not really sure how it works here. But anyways, I've got a question: What's the best way to practice analysing, comparing and contrasting two texts? Recently I realised that I have this issue with me where I'm not able to think quickly or make sense when I write on paper (my sentences are always jumbled up, disorganised). I perform great with assessment tasks but writing is a bit of difficulty. Conventionally, I use my laptop to write the answers to the questions then transfer it to my paper, however I won't be allowed to do this during the actual exams, thus I'm quite nervous about my ability to perform an excellent result. So my only option is to start practicing from now, I want to be able to get used to it and hopefully improve by the end of next year, I just need some tips on improvement (maybe some past papers I can download to practice on them), so I was hoping if you guys could help me thanks!

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