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  1. Hi, I go to a really bad IB school and I have almost no resources. I haven't been given the lists of texts (WIT, Detailed study, Literary genres, Options) for the SL English A lit course that are mentioned in the subject guide. Does anyone know where I can find them? Any help much appreciated!
  2. Hi all, I'm currently in grade 10 (15 years old) and living in Australia. I was just wondering, does anyone knows of a full medicine scholarship that I could apply for being an Australian? I'm considering applying for the Australian DUS (Defence University Sponsporship), however I don't want to serve in the defense force for 6 years after graduating. Is this the only way of attending med school for free? Please let me know of any undergraduate full scholarship opportunities, they don't have to be from Australian universities. Any help very much appreciated. Cheers
  3. Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows how much it costs to take the 5 year undergraduate 'Medical Science and Medicine' degree at Monash University, Clayton. I tried to use their fee calculator but it gave me more than $300,000 which seems really excessive to me. Any help very much appreciated. Thanks
  4. Math and group 4 both. How should I use the right side of the syllabus table?
  5. I start IB in a few months and I was just wondering, what's to stop somebody from just beginning to do CAS activities a year or so before actually starting DP and taking photos but then waiting until they had actually started DP to log the activities into managebacc? Couldn't you just lie to your coordinator cause it's not like they are going to go through all the effort to check when the photos were actually taken. Also, couldn't you just do an individual activity such as running but get all of your evidence done in half an hour by changing outfits and taking videos of yourself running or something, and then using that evidence to log cas hours later on during your diploma programme. How would they ever know whether you are actually practising an instrument or painting or running or if it's just old footage?
  6. This chemistry EE got 94% and has feedback written on it. It was submitted in 2015.
  7. This is a bio IA written in 2017 which scored 87%. It has feedback written on it by the marker.
  8. Are you supposed to actually get notes and learn stuff about the points on the right side of the syllabus table for each topic in your subjects? Like can you be tested on these in an exam and are they worth looking into because so far I've just been completely ignoring them and so has my school. You'd think they would be worth spending time on if they are included but nobody ever talks about them. Should I pay attention to these and if so how should I go about utilizing them to get maximum benefit? Thanks :))

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