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  1. mardledub

    Senior Year Help

    I have always been interested in fine arts and in my sophomore year I took AP art at my high school, but during junior year I decided to not go on to IB art but instead take a year off. Art itself is a very big time commitment and one of my biggest issues is that I have trouble working on my pieces in class because I am very self conscious of my work and I don't want others to judge it before it is finished, unfortunately what this means for me is that I choose to work on it only at home which limits about half the time I should be working on my pieces. I really enjoy art but I worry that I am not good enough. In my AP art class we had to choose an area of concentration and create a series of about 12 pieces that fit into that concentration theme, I found this really challenging because I am good at following directions that the teacher is teaching but I struggle coming up with my own ideas, having that much freedom. My parents both want me to do what I love and find a career in art, and I am hoping to take art classes in college but I am not sure if I should take the IB art class my senior year. I fear that taking not only one, but two years off of art might make me forget or lose ability, which I don't think would be a good setup for college. Do you think I should take IB art my senior year?
  2. mardledub

    Math IA Help

    I have been really unsure about deciding on a topic for my IA even though all of my friends seem to be really confident about what they want to do and I am worried. At first I was certain that I wanted to do a survey for my IA and I came to the topic how the amount of homework influences test scores, but I started second guessing myself and now I am unsure again. I saw a wikipedia page about parametric design that interested me, but they began to talk a little bit about physics, which is way above me. And I even looked at things like the golden ratio and the 4th dimension but all of these seemed like topics that would not score me very high. I was hoping someone would be able to give me feedback on any of these topics or maybe some changes I could explore instead?

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