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  1. My Chemistry IA topic is focused on determining the calcium in milk by using the edta method (actual research question: How does the concentration of the calcium ion content relate to the temperature of the cow milk by using the EDTA titration method?) and I want to express my interest for my personal engagement. I am already doing research about the Calcium and EDTA things and the importance of Calcium and Milk in diet.
  2. lilyserbest

    HL Math or HL Psych

    Do you mean Math Applications and Interpretations or Math Analysis? Math Analysis HL will be difficult, but I find Math Applications HL better for Medicine than SL Applications. I would recommend either one of HL Applications, SL Analysis or HL Analysis. Math Applications is less calculus than Math Analysis, so I would choose Math Analysis SL and Psychology HL for neuroscience. I have a friend who is studying neurology in USA and doesn't take psychology. If you like Psychology, then go ahead and do it. HL Math Analysis is challenging and mostly for people who want to study engineering, mathematics and physics at university. If I were you, I would take Psychology HL and Math Analysis SL (if you're good at math).
  3. can i study chemical engineering without physics hl because I take math and chemistry hl
  4. lilyserbest

    Is this a good topic for my Math HL IA

    can i message you since I changed my topic
  5. lilyserbest

    Is this a good topic for my Math HL IA

    thank you! i also want to make a good aim for it. Is it ok if I write the maths such as golden ratio or the pi to this topic, or should I use mechanics and physics.
  6. I want to do my topic on continuous fractions and I find it very interesting, and I don't take SL maths. Most of the people I see doing this topic are past Math SL students. Is it ok if I do it on continued fractions or should I do my math hl ia on something else?
  7. my teacher didn't give me detailed tips because I want a very good grade in English B and I want to get over 5 in the 3rd term. does anyone have tips to get a 7 in English B
  8. lilyserbest

    UK universities for Courses and CP students?

    I do not take the IBDP and I might be curious about the information if UK accepts IB Courses and/or IBCP students. I heard that Bradford university wants 6 in Math HL and Chemistry HL for Chemical Engineering or Chemistry (I'm currently taking HL math and HL chemistry)
  9. I go to International School of Athens. My school offers: English B in HL or SL French B HL/SL/abinitio Spanish B HL/SL/abinitio German B HL/SL/abinitio we want to offer Arabic B and we have 3 teachers but we dont offer it due to lack of students.
  10. I am trying hard to find the enthalpy of formation of compounds that are not CH3 or something.
  11. lilyserbest

    Which HL to drop to SL?

    I'd recommend dropping chemistry HL to SL because UK and Netherlands universities need Math HL for Astrophysics. You can have a tutor at home for Math HL if you want. (sorry I'm a newbie) not to forget that nearly all physics courses need Math HL, and same goes for engineering areas where they need Math and Physics HL (except for chemical engineering that needs SL Physics and HL Chemistry)
  12. lilyserbest

    Is Physics Required if I want to take CompSci?

    I have a classmate who does Math HL, EngBHL and CompSci HL and yet takes Physics at SL! You only have to take CompSci HL and Math SL (at least). Hope it helps uwu
  13. lilyserbest

    IB subjects choices - English B HL or English A SL

    English A SL is better than English B HL (even though you don't have to get a 6 or 7 in EngA for universities). I do not do English A in order to get better grades and save time (that's what my teachers say). I also think 3 HLs are better than 4 HLs. English A is a combination of language and literature (you do not just need to read books, you have to analyze them as well). English B HL is easier because you won't have to analyze books and most of the students in my class take English B (23 students in both SL and HL, 13 students taking HL) compared to English A (14 students). You can do EngASL if you're good at analyzing. I would recommend English B HL in order to not do another language A (because all the other LangA students (not English) take EngBHL), but I'm too bad to talk about it sry
  14. lilyserbest

    Best study guides for PHYSICS HL???

    i am currently new to the ib diploma programme and im doing the cambridge physics study guide.

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