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  1. Title. Science doesn't exactly relate to my intended major (economics) so I'm really just choosing whichever is the easiest one at SL. Also, I'm not considering chemistry to be an option cause I'm learning it right now and absolutely hate it.
  2. Ohh I forgot to mention, I also listen to podcasts every morning during my commute to school. You should definitely listen to Planet Money, I really recommend it. Other than that, I also really listen The Indicator which I REALLY recommend. Their podcasts are pretty fun and concise in explaining the economy and how it works. Freakonomics is also good but I don't really listen to them as their podcasts are quite lengthy (I think it's about an hour) but I think you should definitely listen to it if you have the time. And about the maths, I actually just did ask my counsellor today about it and he suggested me to do ANALYSIS. Before this, I really thought Applications was the most suitable one for economics but just as you said, UK unis demand high mathematical ability. So now, I'm currently registered under Math Analysis. Oh well, now I'm twice as scared for DP. As for psych or history, I decided to choose psychology cause it's easier according to my counsellor and the IB statistics (only 2% achieves a 7 for History HL!). I just really wanted to do the easier one as none of them were really a requirement for economics, though I must say History definitely keeps your options more open if you're not only looking at economics. According to my desired universities, I need 38 total points and at least a 6 on Math HL. I didn't choose History cause I just didn't want to risk myself of not reaching the 38 points and also giving me less time to focus on Math which is the subject they're really looking for. However, my uni counsellor did say that there will be a period given a few weeks after the start of grade 11 in my school to give us a final chance to change our subjects if we don't enjoy them. So for now, I'm going for psychology and see how things go, but if I don't find it that interesting, I'm most probably going to change it to history later on.
  3. Haha, to be honest, like you, I too am struggling to find any activity relevant to economics here (I'm also from Jakarta haha). What I am doing right now however, is reading books relevant to economics to show my interest in the subject (if you're wondering what I'm currently reading, its The Undercover Economist by Tim Harford). Also, do you know which of the two maths I should select for economics, Analysis & Approaches or Applications & Interpretations? May I also ask you're planning to go for Uni? I'm planning to go to the UK
  4. Instead of Math HL, SL, and studies the math next year is going to divided into two: 1) Analysis & Approaches 2) Applications & Interpretations. The easier of the two would be Math Applications so Applications SL is said to be similar to the current math studies. It's not really removed but they kind of changed the name.
  5. Thanks for your detailed advice! Unfortunately, in my country (Indonesia) there are barely if not no French speakers at all. I'll definitely try reading and watching shows with subtitles and by this, do you mean English audio with French subtitles or French audio with English subtitles? Thanks
  6. I'm planning to do Economics at the UK for uni and was wondering which HL would be better for me, psych or history HL? My other subjects: HL - Math, Economics SL - Biology, Eng Lang Lit, French ab initio Thanks in advance!
  7. Oh alright then, and one more question. How much do you think you have to study per week in order to achieve a grade of at least 6 in History HL? Thank you so much
  8. True, with that being said I think I'll stay with History since I find it a lot more interesting than literature. Since you take History HL, there is one thing I wanted to ask. Prior to my subject selection, I read the syllabus of each subject I had in mind so when I was reading the History syllabus, it was divided into 3 different parts (Prescribed Subjects, World history topics, and an HL option). In each part, there are a number of topics but it says that we only learn a number of them. For example we choose only one of the Prescribed Subjects, two of the World history topics, and one of the HL options. So I was just wondering how are these different topics chosen. Thanks in advance!
  9. Which subject do you think is easier, English Language & Literature HL or History HL? My other subjects: HL: Math - Economics - English Lang & Lit / History SL: French ab initio - Biology - English Lang & Lit / History I had recently read from a lot of discussions that History HL is considered to be one of the HARDEST subjects of the IB, and with my subject combination already including Math HL (possibly the hardest subject), I am worried about the heavy workload I am going to face next year. The reason why I'm deciding wether I should choose either History or English at HL, it's due to the requirement that I need at least one essay subject HL for my future degree. So between English Lang & Lit and History HL, which one do you think is the easier one? Thanks in advance!
  10. As of right now I am still midway of MYP year 5 (which is the last year of MYP) and so for me, DP will still start next school year (summer of this year) but we did already choose our DP subjects. So as for my second language, I decided to choose French ab initio (which I have no prior knowledge on) and I kinda just wanted to start learning the language so I kinda get a head start and so it will make it a bit easier for me next year. Therefore, I just wanted to ask you guys how I should start studying French (e.g. do you recommend me to learn through language-learning platforms, through textbooks, videos, etc and if so, if you can, name specific resources). I actually had started using Duolingo recently (currently lvl 8 ) but I read from somewhere that its content is a bit irrelevant to the IB's syllabus. So what do you guys recommend me to do? Thanks in advance!
  11. My school offers 3 different Language B subjects: Indonesian Acquisition, Chinese Acquisition, and French ab Initio. Out of these 3 languages, I am only fluent in Indonesian since it's my native language, however, due to this, there's some policy restricting me from choosing it, leaving me with Chinese Acq & French ab Initio. With no prior knowledge at all regarding these two languages, I decided to choose French since it's in an Initio. With that in mind, will French ab Initio be difficult and is it a time consuming subject when it comes to revisions?
  12. I'm from class 2021 (which means that I'll start DP next school year) and I had just recently learned that there are going to be changes in the math curriculum going into effect starting next year. So I heard that maths will be divided into 2 different subjects, Analysis & Approaches and Applications & Interpretations. With these new changes and my subject selection coming soon, there are a few questions I would like to ask: 1. What are the differences between the two 2. How do they compare to the current Math curriculum (Studies, SL, HL) in terms of difficulty/workload 3. And finally, if I'm planning to study Economics in the UK which one should I select (university entry requirements aren't updated to the new IB math curriculum yet) Thanks
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