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  1. Hi guys! Is there a word count for the Bio IA/II (individual investigation is what my teacher calls it)? I tried looking it up on the official website but it just says that its 6-12 pages long?? So does that mean that font size and line spacing don't matter to this paper? That's because I think my paper is getting a bit long... I'm also aware that the history IA has a word count and now I'm confused if that applies to the Bio IA. So which papers/IAs have a word count and which ones have a page count? Does bibliography count for the page count/word count in the Bio IA? Any advice is very much appreciated! Thanks!!
  2. Ohh, well. Good luck to you too! Thanks for all the help! 😄
  3. What did you get? Did you have HL or SL?
  4. Got it. If you don't mind me asking, but what was your IA topic about? What kind of perspectives did you discuss?
  5. I'm taking HL since my school doesn't offer SL. Also, my teacher wants us to do it my first year. I think if things don't go well, we have the next year to try to redo it but I'm not certain. So I guess I should just roll with saying that the refugee either quickly affected the Berlin wall or gradually affected it?
  6. Thanks bgabay! I understand what the guidelines are now. But what do I do if all historians technically say the same thing? I may have chosen the wrong topic because my teacher never explained the details of the IA and now its kind of too late to change...
  7. Hi everyone! I'm currently writing my History IA and I noticed that all the good scores (19-25) all present "different perspectives" of their topics. Can anyone define what IB means by different perspectives? Is it like perspectives from historians who are also speculating the subject or different perspectives/factors that affected the subject? Based on what I've seen in past examples, it looks like its perspectives from other historians. My question is: "To what extent did East-West migration lead to the construction of the Berlin Wall?" and the answer is extremely obvious so I don't know what to put in terms of "different perspectives". As of now, I put "While some address that the refugee exodus significantly affected the decision to build the Berlin Wall, others refute that such an influence was more deliberate." Any help would be awesome! Please please reply soon!
  8. Hi there, I'm currently thinking about what type of experiment I want to do for my bio IA and I'm really stuck! I looked through a lot of past IA's and they look really complicated and so in-depth! I want to make sure that I have a fairly original and easy hands-on experiment, but the problem is that I can't find a good way to expand and analyze the topic. That's why I'm trying to think of a good question thoroughly so that I won't regret my choices before its too late! As of now, I'm interested in enzyme activity, yeast fermentation, and maybe something to do with micro-organisms in pond water? I have no idea on what to explore on these topics but I'm just brainstorming as I type this. I am also interested in maybe investigating these mutated lemons that I recently grew in my backyard. There are currently 4 of them on my tree and they are giant! I have a slight hunch that its due to cross-breeding with the kumquat tree neighboring the lemon tree, but I feel like this topic will at least give me some personal engagement points! However, I don't really know how I should experiment with this subject and I feel like I won't have the right materials in order to do an in-depth investigation on genetics for a student experiment. The picture below is of the mutant lemons for your curiosity. Any ideas on how to explore the topics listed is very much appreciated! If you don't mind, feel free to share your own experiment and your score so I can get a feel if IB also looks for complexity in an IA investigation question. Thank you guys!
  9. Well, the source that I'm using to refer to Yuri Andropov is about his letter to the Soviet Government about the increase of East German defectors. I found this information from Wikipedia: " Yuri Andropov, then the CPSU Director on Relations with Communist and Workers' Parties of Socialist Countries, wrote an urgent letter on 28 August 1958, to the Central Committee about the significant 50% increase in the number of East German intelligentsia among the refugees." However, Wikipedia is obviously not an option for the IA paper (or any paper in that matter), so I'm trying to find the primary source for that "letter" for my paper. It would be great if there was a secondary source regarding this information as well. I'll try to look for something in the sources you suggested
  10. Hi IB_taking_over! Thanks for the advice! I can't read German but I can try to put the information through a translator. What are some good internet archives with primary documents from around the world (specfically Germany and Russia)? I tried looking for some but I haven't found any good sources for my topic... I also tried looking for Andropov's speech but the only thing that turned up as his letter to Samantha Smith. What types of sources did you use? I'm thinking about academic journals by professors, but these are only found in colleges and often have paywalls...Have you ever encountered this type of problem?
  11. Just wondering, how did most of you guys find your sources? I personally think that databases aren't helpful in my case, and all the detailed sources are to be bought...
  12. Hi there! I have already chosen my question for my history IA but I can't find any good sources at all!! My question is "To what extent did Berlin emigration lead to the construction of the Berlin Wall?" I was hoping to find original records of emigration statistics, Yuri Andropov's letter about the 50% decrease in Eastern Germans, and articles about the general border system of Eastern Berlin, but I can't find any! :(( All the potentially good sources are also college journals/essays that I don't have access to or not free. I really feel like this topic isn't for me at this point but at the same time, I don't want to let it go! Please, if anyone has any sources to offer, please please share them with me! Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi Nomenclature, if you don't mind me asking, but what was your IA question? Or at the very least, what was the topic?
  14. Thanks for the feedback! I also have some other questions in mind. I have to have a total of three questions ready to show to my teacher soon, so I'm trying to form more than 3 to choose from. Some of them are different versions of the same topic, I'm trying to experiment which question may be more specific or better in terms of research. To what extent did the economic status of wealthy passengers help increase their survival rate during the sinking of the Titanic? To what extent did James Cameron’s film Titanic accurately portray the impact of economic status on evacuating passengers during the sinking of the ship? To what extent did Joe McCarthy start the Second Red Scare for personal benefit through the influence of McCarthyism? (I feel like this one is too broad) How useful was the Rosenberg trials in politically benefiting Joe McCarthy in context of the spread of McCarthyism?
  15. Hi there! I'm currently trying to create a good research question for my History IA but I'm not too sure if it specific enough. To what extent did the launch of Sputnik shift the US and USSR from violent resort through the nuclear arms race? (or should I put "through mutual assured destruction"?) I'm going to create more questions, but as of now, it's the very first question I've come up with. I feel like it's still a bit too broad but I want to get multiple opinions before I show it to my teacher. Please reply about originality too!
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