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  1. Hey guys, Trying to find the IB external deadlines for this year (May 2019). I am not talking about exam schedule but the external deadlines for EE, ToK, WT, IA...etc., the deadline when the school has to submit those work. I have found dates for last year (2018) here: https://isa.edu.gr/uploads/files/5adec6dc6ce90/DP Assessment Procedures.pdf but I couldn't find any for this year.
  2. _depression_

    Psychology IA number of feedback?

    Oh I see. So in other words I can ask my teacher for basically infinite guidance? And she is allowed to give me infinite oral feedback?
  3. _depression_

    Psychology IA number of feedback?

    Hello, I would like to know how many times is my IB Psychology teacher allowed to give me feedback? Is the maximum number of written and oral feedback different? Can my Psychology teacher give feedback on all my IA drafts regardless of the number of drafts? I tried to find the information via google but failed to do so. Any link to some reliable source where it answers my question would be really appreciated though I would gladly accept any answers regardless of whether it's backed up with some source or not ☺️

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