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  1. SIM3ON


    By the way, if I am not confident with my subjects chosen at course selection, I can always change them in the first 2 weeks of the ib program, right?
  2. SIM3ON


    I have researched on the domestic university I will most likely go to, and the subject requirements for engineering are Maths HL and Physics HL. But also I am not convinced on taking English Lit A HL, as apparently, sources have led me to believe that the difference between Standard and High is mostly to do with the number of novels. Next year changes are coming to the program so I'm not sure if the gap will be significant or not.
  3. SIM3ON


    Sorry for the late reply So now I am considering taking English HL, but from what I heard, there doesn't seem to be much of a difference between SL and HL, only in quantity of novels to analyze. However, having my HLs consisting of Maths, Physics and English would go to show I am capable of many skills. And for standard levels should I take Chemistry and Economics? I am still thinking about taking two sciences, even though I know it is not necessary, it would give me the upper hand compared to other students (And sleep deprivation).
  4. SIM3ON


    Hello, I am planning to go major into either one of these fields: Engineering/Computer Science/Business related I have two options so far: Option 1: Maths HL Physics HL Business & Management HL Economics HL English HL Mandarin ab-initio Option 2: Maths HL Physics HL Chemistry HL Economics SL English SL Mandarin ab-initio I may try to apply for a top university overseas, so I am stuck deciding on these two options. In my opinion, option 1 will better suit computer science and business (My school does not offer CS), and option 2 would better suit engineering. The deadline for subjects is soon, so please if you can help guide me to the better option if I were to go for a top university for business/engineering or computer science, I am open for any other subject combination.
  5. SIM3ON


    Hello, the subjects listed the below are what I am planning to take for my first year in IB (2019): (The highlighted subjects means I have strongly locked into these subjects) Maths HL Physics HL Economics HL Business & Management HL English Lit SL Mandarin ab-initio I am planning on pursuing a career in engineering/business/computer science (My school doesn't offer CS), and I am also planning on going to a top university but many sources state that B&M is considered a soft subject and will lower my chances of getting accepted. Would I be better off switching my 4HLs to 3 with the addition of chemistry HL instead of Economics HL and B&M HL? Or would English Lit HL benefit me for a business degree? I'm really lost as of now and I have one week to pick my options (But I can still change it in the first 2 weeks of the IB education). I am open to any new suggestions for my subject combinations.
  6. SIM3ON

    IB Subject Help

    Hello everyone, I will be doing International Baccalaureate for the first time next year, and I am having trouble deciding on which subjects will best suit me for my career and which ones to take HL. I am planning to have a future career in engineering/business. Subjects I have already chosen: Maths HL Physics HL Mandarin ab-initio The subjects I am currently picking between are: Economics SL/HL English SL/HL Chemistry SL/HL or Business Management SL/HL I am open to any suggestions about my subjects, and to the ones I have already locked in.

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