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    Here are some sample tok questions !
  2. thanks for the help but im talking about TOK not EE. I think i also found a topic which i am interested in which is from your help!
  3. What question could i develop around that which is not so generic? Cause i know a couple people who are asking how media affects the perception of beauty and i want to do something more specific and different than that.
  4. I think that using duolingo would be fine but you would still need to have supervisor. At my school, we can talk to our homeroom/connect teachers that we meet each day and they will mark themselves as supervisors for us if we ask for it and have evidence! Ask one of your teachers to be your superviser and one a week upload a screenshot of your progression on managebac!
  5. For service and action, your ideas are good!! you can use them for your cas hours . Im not so sure of what can be done for creativity but i think that theyre good as well! i taught myself the piano which counted so i think as long as you show how you challenged yourself or developed your skills then it should count! REMEMBER TO TAKE PHOTOS OF EVERYTHING YOU DO AND PROVIDE EVIDENCE!
  6. hello everyone, I am currently trying to find a topic to do my summative TOK oral on and i am stuck! I wanted to base it around the concept of beauty and maybe how beauty is changing with the help of technology or something like that! However I feel like these topics are too generic and I wanted to get some advice on some interesting topics from some other people who have completed the IB? Thanks!!
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