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  1. Hi, My teacher and I came up with a question which we thought was suitable. I was wondering whether this could get me a level 7. Using Hess’s Law – Measure the enthalpy changes for the dissolving an anhydrous and hydrated salt (such as copper sulfate or cobalt chloride) in order to work out the enthalpy for the hydration process. My independent Variable: Oxidation states of metals. i.e copper (I) sulphate, Copper (II) sulphate cobalt (I) chloride and cobalt (II) chloride (the roman numeral indicates the oxidation state of the metal. Varying the mass of each oxidation state of metal in hydrated salt. My dependent variable: The enthalpy change of hydration. However, I am aware that the independent variable is a bit dodgy as its not really effective quantitative data. Are there any other suggestions? I thought changing the moles of the metals, but that would also mean that the change in mole would occur for the product side as well, balancing out the change in enthalpy. Am I correct or not?
  2. Hi, My investigation question so far is "To what extent did the Spanish colonies in South America improve the Spanish economy?" or as my teacher recommended, "To what extent was the Spanish colonies in South America the main factor that affected the Spanish economy between 1492-1650?." Either way, I am stuck as to where to research sources, let alone what I should focus on. Should I focus on just the spanish colonies and analyse two sources with opposing perspectives?
  3. Enterbot3

    IB Physics IA

    How does changing the vertical height of which a yoyo is let go affects the velocity is reaches at the bottom? Is this a good question?
  4. How does changing the vertical height of which a yoyo is let go affects the velocity is reaches at the bottom? Is this a good question?
  5. Hi For my chemistry IA, I am looking towards investigating the Nernst equation but I am not sure what to investigate. Are there any ideas?
  6. I was wondering if visible light can cause photoelectric effect although it contains less energy than UV
  7. Hi, I need advice in minimising error in calculating the area of the holes present in a spouting cylinder. If I take into account the error, it reaches 20%, which is really high. Should I just ignore this since it should not effect the overall result. But then again, to find the velocity of the fluid, I am dividing the volumetric flow rate by the area of the hole, so what should i do?
  8. Hi. Thanks for the reply. Is there any other way to minimise the large errors or should I have two graphs, (one which contains the errors/and the other that does not), to show the significance of this error? Also would 5 holes be enough? I plan on making 25 trials for each hole to make it as accurate as possible. Finally, to measure the flow rate, would I measure how much volume is lost in a given amount of time, by using a separate beaker to collect the fluid out (quite difficult as water can spill) or should I measure how much water has been lost through the spouting cylinder? This is the part I am unsure of.
  9. Hi, I would like to investigate the effect of changing the height on the velocity of the fluid coming out of the cylinder but need help. My school has a spouting cylinder with 4 holes (not enough data?) and I am confused as to how I should find the velocity. My teacher said I should calculate the velocity via projectile motion but wouldn't it be better to find the flow rate per 10 seconds and then from there find the velocity by multiplying the flow rate by the area of a cylinder? Overall, I am attempting to prove Toricelli's law by showing that the velocity of the fluid coming out at different heights is the same as the velocity when a drop of water is dropped from that certain height? How can I do this? I really want to get high marks in this physics IA. Can anyone please give me advice?
  10. Hi, How would you integrate via substitution the following 6/4x^2+1
  11. Hi, I need help with my physics IA. I am currently studying HL physics and have chosen to investigate the effect of damped harmonic motion on the spring constant and henceforth, the max velocity obtained and the acceleration of the mass block. I will do this by first calculating the spring constant without friction using the mass on a spring system. Then I will investigate air resistance by making a makeshift sail to decrease the velocity of the force exerted by the spring. Should I use an air track to replicate a friction less surface? How should I approach this? But also is this a good physics IA question or too basic. I am aiming for a grade 7 in the exams and this IA is even more important as my physics teacher is bad, being polite here.
  12. Hmm. I get your point. What about how does the area of a laser contribute to light intensity? I want to do on waves but cannot seem to find an area of interest that is quite difficult. I agree that my question was too simple. Or how does the choice of material (medium) affect the critical angle? I am slightly frustrated with this situation as my teacher expects me to come up with a full preliminary experiment and topic question by Friday.
  13. Hello there, After weeks of struggle I have finally decided on a topic I find interesting. My experiment will revolve around Young's experiment (Double slit diffraction) where I will be shining a light through the double slit to investigate their diffraction. I would like to use different forms of colours such as red (longer wavelength, lower energy) and green (shorter wavelength, higher energy) and investigate the effect of light on the fringe spacing or light intensity.. I am not sure what. Also is this too basic or too complicated as I am trying to aim for a high grade 7 as my teacher is, lets just say not that good. Also I am aiming to go to cambridge or physics to study physics but would like some advice on how to prepare and if possible, what grade you got in the year 12 summer mocks and how that compares to your predicted grades For anyone who has achieved a good mark on their IA, what advice would you give to me or anyone for that matter
  14. which of these questions is the best? How successful was John Brown in starting the Civil War? To what extent was John Brown the most important result in starting the Civil War? To what extent was John Brown responsible for starting the Civil War? How significant was the American Civil War on the formation of the U.S society? To what extent did the Civil War affect the distribution of wealth in the United states? How far did John Brown’s notorious activities lead to the Civil War? To what extent did John Brown’s role in anti-slavery activities presage the American Civil War?
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