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  1. @Nomenclature Thanks for the corrections! After more consideration, I'm not even sure if I'm doing my EE in spanish anymore haha.
  2. hi, I've decided to do my EE in Spanish and have some ideas for what it could be about. Any thoughts on the following topics (which would be the best/worst, which is too specific/broad, which doesn't match IB requirements, etc) Here are my current ideas. How does Spanglish demonstrate the creation/balance of hybrid cultures in the US? (¿Como demuestra "spanglish" la creacion/equilibrio de culturas híbridas en Estados Unidos?) How has the increasing popularity of reggaeton impacted language use for youth in the US? (¿Como el crecimiento de popularidad del reggaetón ha impactado el uso de lenguaje en jovenes en Estados unidos?) To what extent is Catalonia’s desire to be an independent country justified? (¿En que medida el deseo de Cataluña de ser un país independiente esta justificado?) - I know this one is a little far away from the prescribed categories for group 2 EE's, but it is something I am really interested in. To what extent does Catalonia’s desire to be an independent country affect the use of Castilian Spanish in the region? (¿En que medida el deseo de Cataluña de ser un país independiente afecta el uso del Español Castellano en la región?) To what extent does the use of “español” to refer to Castilian Spanish divide spain? (¿En que medida el uso de “español” para referir al español castellano divide España?) In what ways do “lenguas propias” in autonomous regions divide spain? (¿En que maneras las lenguas propias en regiones autónomas divide España?) Comparison of Basque region to Catalonia in terms of desire to secede from Spain (as how they differ in terms of being allowed to use their languages, % of people who want to secede, attempts to secede, etc) All thoughts and advice are appreciated!
  3. Hi, I'm not gonna do my EE on psych but I do have some examples of psych ee's. “does intrinsic motivation alone assure the persistence of performance in competitive sports?” "investigating the extent in which marketers and advertisers use psychology to influence consumers towards a popular product or campaign." “to what extent can optimism be used to increase academic achievement?” "to what extent does nonverbal communication play a role in establishing power? hope this helps!
  4. I have not read these short stories but if you feel like you have enough examples, enough analysis and simply enough ideas to write a 4000 word essay about how Asimov uses humor to make strange ideas more familiar to the reader then I would go ahead. Personally, it seems a bit narrow, but I don't even know how many short stories there are! Also, i would consider finding some sort of reasoning or explanation that links the short stories you choose to analyse.
  5. I guess it is up to you in the end. But, from my point of view, the work that you did was like NEW and revolutionary and so it should be shared! although, it seems a bit much for a 4000-word essay... something more like a PhD thesis. Since the response from the IB didn't outright disqualify your EE, I would go ahead with it, especially since your supervisor and coordinator think it is okay. If you are really concerned about say not getting the diploma because of possibly failing your EE (due to animal ethics concerns), I would suggest telling IB that it is theoretical and being content with a D. Hope I helped a bit.
  6. I've pretty much decided that I'm going to do my EE in Spanish B, but I don't really know what sort of topics I'm allowed to do and what topics would be deep enough to write 4000 words on (other than the literature option). I am interested in doing the literature option because I do enjoy that kind of analysis but I would appreciate some recommendations on which books to read - also is the comparison of 2 authors or comparing and contrasting 2 works (all in spanish) a recommended option? What are the other options for a Language B extended essay?
  7. Hi, I'm pretty sure the IA for language B is the written task, but I know that for May 2020 onwards, language B does not require a written task. Not sure how the IA will be impacted by this but yeah... The written task will be replaced by a listening assignment that will be coupled with the readings. Paper 1 will now be the written exam (format and topic) and Paper 2 will be the reading comprehension and listening. The interactive oral activity has also been cancelled from May 2020 candidates, but the individual oral will still be there. So, yeah, the whole pattern has changed I guess.
  8. Hey, CAS stands for Creativity, Action/Activity, and Service. You need to do activities that show these 3 things. Creativity could be things like working for your school newspaper, painting a mural, other art type work, or even literature based things like submitting your poetry to a magazine. Also, at my school at least, MUN (model united nations) counts as creativity as well. Action/Activity could be things that are active like playing sports, going to the gym, doing yoga, etc. Service is generally community service through the form of fundraising, raising awareness or doing hands-on service. This could also include things like peer tutoring.
  9. I solved it below using the 2 equations from the data booklet for arithmetic sequences and then solved using systems of linear equations. Hope it helps! Documentos escaneados.pdf
  10. Hi all I'm struggling to decide what subject I should do for my EE. My top 2 choices right now are History (which I take HL) and Spanish B (which I take SL) but I don't know which to choose. I am very interested in both subjects and I think I'd be happy doing either. Any ideas of which would be easier to get an A or perhaps better for my college apps? If I do History, I'm thinking about doing Law and how laws have changed or discrimination/bias in law.... OR world war 1 as a direct cause of world war 2 (treaty of versailles, paris peace conferences, etc.) - I think it's a really overdone topic, but I am really interested in the build-up to WW1(starting with franz ferdinand) and WW2 (9 steps to war/ TOV). If I do Spanish, I'm thinking about something to do with Spanish language and regional differences (not too sure about that. I moved schools 2 months into starting IB for may 2020 so I'll be restarting for November 2020, so I haven't talked to a supervisor yet but I want to get a headstart on my EE). I'm not a native speaker, but I have taken Spanish in school for 8 years already, so fluency shouldn't be a problem. Another idea I had was to examine how the Spanish empire in south america influenced language and how the variations between spanish from spain and spanish from latin america were shaped by oppression from the empire (which is kind of like blending my interests in history and spanish without writing the actual essay in spanish). Thoughts?
  11. Hi, I'm thinking about doing my EE in Spanish B (which I take SL) but I don't really know what my topic should be... Fluency in Spanish is not a problem for me. I'm not a native speaker, but I have already studied Spanish for 8 years and have a lot of experience writing in formal (essay-style) language. Any help would be appreciated!
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