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  1. Hey, i am also Interested in the Havre campus of science Po. Did you manage to apply? Did you end up studying there? Thanks.
  2. Hey! Do you know when will the exam results of november 2018 be ready?
  3. @cobi483 In history class I learned that there are always two sides of the same story in wars. Of course there is a lot of evidence regarding the events of the disaster as well as testimonies of people involved. Our teacher encouraged us all the time to create our own opinion about the events and what we thought was best or worst. So when we did this we kind of created our own perspective. Also, If you search for history HL paper 1 you will find many texts about different historical events with different perspectives. I recommend you to use those. I don’t know if this helps in any way, but good luck.
  4. Bien en lite pero en física horrible 😂 el examen fue chino. A ti?
  5. Me 2!! I also have physics tomorrow. I simply wanna die 😂 i know nothing about physics.
  6. Some students from my class had 25 extra minutes in the exam. Do you have any ideas why? They are so lucky.
  7. Regarding title 2 I think that the statement is right in some way but it can also be contradicted. It’s true that everyone contributes to the production of knowledge because for example in science everyone constantly questions everything and people discuss different matters. On the other hand, everyone constructs his or her own knowledge according to their perosonal beliefs and opinions. You could use many areas to support this point such as natural science, history or even human sciences. More importantly you have to talk about individual knowledge and shared knowledge. I hope that this helps you in some way.
  8. Heyyy everyone. Does anybody here start exams on Monday with language a literature? Do you have any tips for paper 1 and 2?
  9. Hi, i recently read the book in class and after a class discussion we agreed that the magical realism in chronicle is actually in the form of hyperbolization which is a trait/ characteristic of magic realism. You could use any part of the book where the vicario twins tell the people about their plans to kill Nasar. It is actually magical realism because they live in q small town where everyone knows everybody and it is “immpssile” to say that everyone knew about the death of nasar except him. So this could be used as an example of magical realism. If you think about it it has sense. I hope this helps you with your assignment. Best of lucks.
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