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  1. @kw0573 thanks for the quick reply! Currently, the school work that I do at home is just math assignments and prep for HL Bio and Chem, all other classes really don't require that much prep. Would it be 3 hours every night? That seems pretty insane but I feel like if I want to have any chance to apply to a good uni for medicine it is pretty much required to do HL math, although I may have misunderstood something on that part. I am willing to put in the work for it, but I am just not sure whether you have to be naturally really good at math to still succeed in HL math, or if hard work will allow you to keep up in the subject. To reiterate to clear it up for me, if I were to switch and end up getting a 5/6 (would prefer a 6 but really would just like to pass), would that look better since it is HL than a 7 in SL? Thank you for your help by the way. Grades are coming up soon so I don't have much time to decide so all advice is much appreciated.
  2. Hey guys, I'm in a pretty stressful situation as I can't decide whether to change my current SL Math to HL Math, and we're already getting to the point where it is too late to change. My situation: Currently taking HL Bio, Chem, Eng A Lang/Lit, Danish B and SL Math, and History. I want to study medicine in the UK after I graduate in 2020, and my dream is to go to Cambridge, but as I've read on their website only 2% of acceptances go to those who only have 2 subjects out of HL Bio, Chem, Phys, and Math. As I can only have two sciences, my only option is to switch to HL math (which is already quite a bit ahead of SL) to push myself out of those ridiculously low chances (on top of the already low chance of getting into Cambridge). I've talked with my teacher about it and he said that it would be incredibly difficult to catch up, but think I would be able to. My main concern is whether the work I have to put into getting that 6 in Math HL will damage my grades in my other classes (currently getting 7 in Bio and Chem which I definitely need to keep), and whether it would be better to simply stay in SL Math and get a 7 in that class without as much effort. Thanks for any help, I am really stressed about what to do cause I know that HL Math would look better on my diploma but I'm not sure whether it would overall look worse if I get a worse grade in HL than I would have in SL and my points go down cause of it. Edit: Realised I forgot to write about why I posted it on the maths forum. Mainly looking for advice from people in HL who can tell me if it would be too difficult, as someone who is good at math but no genious. Currently have a high 7 in standard but I have heard that the gap between SL and HL is so massive that it means nothing. Was wondering what you guys think and as a person who is okay with math, but doesn't love it, if they could survive HL math.
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