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  1. SlaveOfIB

    Math IA golden ratio in stock markets

    Perhaps you can somehow incorporate mathematical proofs into your IA. Proofs always take up a few pages up 😂
  2. SlaveOfIB

    Current Course of IB

    I'm not exactly sure what you're trying to ask, but I'll give it my best shot. Depending on the school, your freshman (9th) and sophomore (10th) year you will take non-IB courses, or Pre-IB courses. Actual IB courses will start in your junior year (11th grade), and the "normal syllabus" will be discontinued. From the start of junior year, you will take IB courses, some of which you decide if you want to take HL or SL that year. An example of this is math. Students are required to decide to take SL or HL math their junior year. However, this is not the case for most subjects. For other subjects, you simply just take IB ____ and in your senior year, you decide which 3 subjects you want as your HL and which three you want as SL.
  3. SlaveOfIB

    Pride and Prejudice?

    First of all, this isn't really a good EE topic. I mean no offense, but your EE topic simply isn't interesting. Also as previous members have mentioned, P&P is an extremely overdone book for EEs. I recommend that in the short amount of time you have change your EE question to something more meaningful and start from there. Perhaps a good starting point would be How does the author of Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen, explore the ideas of the flaws of humanity in her book? Try to find a more captivating EE topic, and perhaps it will immerse you to do actually do it instead of taking a shortcut such as looking online.
  4. SlaveOfIB

    CAS help

    When you input another CAS experience into managebac there will be a check box marked with "ongoing". It's the checked box in the screenshot below. Choose your preferred starting and ending date, and that will count as a long term CAS experience. Note that you can also apply this for your CAS project. Cocerning your worry about editing CAS experiences, go to the CAS experience you want to edit, and on the side bar on the right there should be these options. Click the "edit experience" button and you should be able to change it as you please.
  5. SlaveOfIB

    Any ideas of what can I do for CAS?

    You will also have a required amount of CAS hours you completed throughout the school year and you have to find something to do for your CAS project. Your CAS experiences can range from just a single day to the whole course of the school year, however, keep in mind that you cannot have any gaps between your CAS experiences, which is why it's helpful to have several experiences that last a longer duration of time. For your CAS project, it can be practically anything, as long as it addresses one of the CAS branches that are mentioned. To REALLY get an interesting CAS project, try to incorporate all three pillars into it. Also, keep up to date with your CAS experiences, it can get really messy when you forget to put them into managebac (or whatever system you use). Best of luck!

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